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  1. Hi a reply with a solution would be good
  2. Hi so I returned the device and got a new one ,it does the exact same thing when I switch on the ATV 329x after shutting down I need to remove the USB dongle and reinsert it for the kr41 Remote to work Is this not maybe a software issue ? Hope you can find a solution for me as I love this device PS I have reset the device to factory settings and it does the same Also note that it is intermittent sometimes I can boot the device and the remote will work without removing the dongle but most times I have to remove and reinsert
  3. Hi yes it's. Mygica kr41 remote , I've tried factory resetting it ,it's still the same it's an intermittent issue also its android 6
  4. What's the point of a forum when support can't even reply???
  5. WiFi and keyboard issues Hi I have this box with Android 6 and everytime the box is shut down and when you switch it back on the WiFi is off and the keyboard buttons don't work unless I reboot the box
  6. Thanks but on the website it says it has android 7 nougat
  7. Atv329x android 7 Good day I'm in South Africa I have the atv329x it was shipped with Android 6 can I upgrade it to 7? And will android 7 make it slower? As it's working perfect at the moment except sometimes I have to reboot for the keyboard or WiFi to work!
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