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    Another brick

    Another brick I am quite disappointed that MyGica will allow firmware that could potentially brick a perfectly working system. My system has been online for about three years. So I decided to update and found the latest beta version which I loaded onto a USB key. Low and behold, after navigating to the update file, I cannot update. Neither can I recover, despite using the original firmware. Basically, you are allowing untested software on your website which could potentially lead to issues. This is immoral and is worthy of further action! I would like you to fix this and make this idiot proof. It would be good if you could start by supporting legacy products properly so that you don't just have one of the better products, but also have a reputation for support.
  2. Thanks so much. Perhaps I was a bit hasty! Nevertheless, I look forward to the update. My apologies for jumping the gun.
  3. Hi support. Netflix will not work. I have not tested further but I am sure that support for other apps will be phased out over time. I haven't checked Amazon Prime but I will check when I get a chance. Thanks for the update and I look forward to the update
  4. Android version and app compatability When will we get a firmware update? Many apps are no longer supported on the 1900 pro. This essentially makes it a paperweight after only a year! Android version is only 5.1
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