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  1. Hi I am experiencing the same issue. any resolution??
  2. a replacement remote was shipped to me and arrived. The replacement remote is working as it should. Thank-you for all your help
  3. I have filed an RMA ticket but no response yet
  4. Ok thanks, I will file a ticket.. yea it seems odd that this remote dongle is not working as it should. It works when I plug it into the my laptop but doesn't recognize when I plug the dongle into my 1960 unit.
  5. Thanks for the advice, I used a keyboard/mouse to verify that the 1960 box usb ports work, which they do. I used the remote and usb dongle in my pc, at first it didn't work. (device manager) wasn't recognizing that I inserted dongle into the port. so I began to move the dongle around (upwards and downwards. after a few attempts I heard the pc make noise. sure enough the remote was working but I had to hold the usb dongle upwards for it to actually work. once I let go the usb dongle wasn't recognized and the remote stopped working untill I held it upwards again.. so I believe there is a design flaw in the positioning of the usb contacts for it work work properly. is there another remote that is compatible with the atv1960 that I could purchase?
  6. KR-301 Remote Not Pairing to 1960 So, I purchased the MyGica 1960 from best buy, Removed the UBS dongle and inserted into the unit. added New batteries and attempted multiple attempts to pair the device my pressing & sometimes holding down the "OK" & "return" button. the remove indicator just flashes and nothing happens. I am unable to use this remove. what am I doing wrong? also, pressing and holding down the power button prompts the power function on the screen.... but thats all it does.. Please Help cause Id like to use this remote.
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