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  1. Ohh one more thing, 6. every time I turn it on I have to parity with the original remote control, this is very very annoying
  2. OK, fixed. Some things what not liked: 1. the launcher, not is the good and original launcher that we had. 2. the RemoteVC control not work any more, the app in my telephone not find Server, Can not we use this feature anymore? 3. In UI settings, when I activate the navigation bar, a message of "UI has stopped" appears 4. the "stand by" state with remote control it was lost, it does not exist anymore =( less important: 5. the google assistant and the voice commands appear every time i want to write! and this does not work on this device, it's annoying everything else, until now, works perfect, there are many positive things, I think this update is convenient. thnx!
  3. OK, i installed android 7.1, works ... I am now in the testing and installation stage.. which I can report later if find any bug in my tv samsung, when power on (in boot)... a screen with the message appears "unsupported mode change the resolution" (this is always automatic) I must change source (ex. hdmi 2), i wait a few minutes and go back to tvbox source (hdmi 1) and see the main screen correctly, with 1920*1080 60hz resolution... in android 5.1 the boot animation worked correctly in my tv. Any suggestions to solve this problem? thx! * sorry my english is poor
  4. Justin!! help 7. Hold the Reset button at the back. where is reset button?? i cant find it!!
  5. Thx again Justin! great job finally we have everything to do the update tests
  6. ... to return it to the original state, or would this not be possible?
  7. Can we have a stock rom (Android 5.1) just in case?
  8. they promised us an update to android 6 or 7 at least, we kept waiting and today I think we will not get anything, we will gain by fatigue, but a disillusioned client is a big stone 😐
  9. What!? This firmware update works with mygica 495pro ?!! We've been waiting for this for a long time
  10. Try Press and hold volume + and page+ button, when light blue start blinking, release the buttons... at that moment disconnect the usb dondle, wait a second and reconnect, the blue light should go out, that is all. Good luck, sorry for my poor english
  11. the equipment heats but does not burn to the touch, I see that with certain applications raises more temperature, but normal operation is between 60 - 75 degrees. maybe an external cooler helps me in the moment of maximum heat
  12. I rooted my device , can i unistall eshare?? Is working and I can not use it Thx
  13. Thania for u answer. When the temperature is high, maybe 90c, it becomes slow, video with jumps and even freeze... It's not serious, but I'm surprised that it works at such high temperatures
  14. What is correct cpu temperature ? Hi, i have a atv495pro with 2gb ram and 16gb rom. I installed cpu-z and other apps to see the temperature of the CPU, and the begining it work between 40-45 degrees, but when i start using the box the temp rises to 75-85° This is normal? When it hits the peak not work well Thanks
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