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    ATV 495 PRO Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2

    they promised us an update to android 6 or 7 at least, we kept waiting and today I think we will not get anything, we will gain by fatigue, but a disillusioned client is a big stone 😐
  2. What!? This firmware update works with mygica 495pro ?!! We've been waiting for this for a long time
  3. docspy

    Pairing a KR303 remote with an ATV 495 pro

    Try Press and hold volume + and page+ button, when light blue start blinking, release the buttons... at that moment disconnect the usb dondle, wait a second and reconnect, the blue light should go out, that is all. Good luck, sorry for my poor english
  4. docspy

    What is correct cpu temperature ?

    the equipment heats but does not burn to the touch, I see that with certain applications raises more temperature, but normal operation is between 60 - 75 degrees. maybe an external cooler helps me in the moment of maximum heat
  5. docspy

    Eshare problem

    I rooted my device , can i unistall eshare?? Is working and I can not use it Thx
  6. docspy

    What is correct cpu temperature ?

    Thania for u answer. When the temperature is high, maybe 90c, it becomes slow, video with jumps and even freeze... It's not serious, but I'm surprised that it works at such high temperatures
  7. What is correct cpu temperature ? Hi, i have a atv495pro with 2gb ram and 16gb rom. I installed cpu-z and other apps to see the temperature of the CPU, and the begining it work between 40-45 degrees, but when i start using the box the temp rises to 75-85° This is normal? When it hits the peak not work well Thanks
  8. docspy

    Eshare problem

    Hi, same problem ... Any Solution ?
  9. docspy

    ATV 495 PRO Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2

    Thank u very much for answering me, it has been clear. I will be aware of some new version.
  10. docspy

    ATV 495 PRO Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2

    Can you confirm to the users, that we trust the brand, that we will have an update soon? Android 7 or 6! when approximately Thanks. Sorry my english Is poor