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  1. I can move the mouse pointer all over the TV screen but cannot select anything when I right or left click. Nothing happens it just stays on the press NEXT for set up screen
  2. The mouse is working yes - MyGica BOx is still not working. I had previously done a factory reset as it was freezing after the error message "please choose the APK you would like to switch and press ok" After the factory reset I get to the screen where it says press NEXT for set up. but all I can do is move the mouse pointer around. The box freezes and will not allow me to select next.
  3. The mouse works - I use it between mygica and my laptop, I'm using it right now
  4. Maybe I posted in the wrongs section...it is a Lollipop Mygica? The mouse is just my own wireless logitech mouse that I use with the USB ports on the side of my Gica. The back of mygica has the following: An SD card port, Reset Button, HDMI port, sp/df port, rf port, and DC power port (in that order) It has 4 usb ports on the side and the remote looks just like the one in the picture but I don't recall ever using a dongle - I would remember something called a dongle
  5. I've never had a dongle that I know of? My remote has red lights....when I do the pairing thing (vol + Page) they just just blink really fast and don't go solid. Fresh batteries have been put in. Do I need the remote to work if my computer mouse was working?
  6. Hello, I dont have a keyboard I tried the remote, it will turn the box off and on but it will not give me a curser, let me use the directional keys and does nothing when I press ok....it will not go to the home screen or bring up the keypad... The box is sitting on the welcome...click next to continue...
  7. Hello, I almost always use my mouse as the remote has not worked for sometime.... I can move the mouse all around the screen but it will not allow me to click on anything.
  8. Help Please - Error: Please choose APK and then freezes Hello, I was getting a message on mygica lollipop android box that says "please choose the APK you would like to switch and press ok" It would freeze after that and not let me do anything other than move my mouse around. I completed a hard factory reset and get to the screen where it says press NEXT for set up. Once I press next it takes me back to the main page where it freezes again. I can move my mouse around but can't select anything. I've spent hours trying to google the answer to no avail I am hoping someone can help Cheers, Jennigica
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