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  1. The honestech VHS-DVD software that comes with the device is the base, stripped down 4.0 SE version (but I would have to think this sort of thing would be functionality common to all versions of the software).
  2. Split Titles - Save One Portion I have that VHS-DVD software, by honsetech, that came with the video capture USB device. I use that software to capture a digital copy of VHS movies, I usually set a time for a few minutes less than what the lenght of the recording is supposed to be and sit there and watch the end of the movie (or whatever) then press the "stop" button on the software. Sometimes I don't get to that computer in time and I record a bunch of garbage at the end of the movie, I can't figure out how I got rid of it and saved just what I want to put onto a DVD. In this case I recorded about twenty minutes of a a Star Trek episode that was on the VHS tape at the end of a movie I want to digitize, I go to the "edit" tab and play what I captured, when I am at the end of the movie I click the "split" button which puts two icons in the L pane (the movie and the 20 minutes of garbage that was on the VHS tape after he movie). I can't figure out how I put that part of that split recoding that I want to keep (the movie I want to digitize ) onto m hard drive, so I can proceed to burn it to a DVD. I can R click on the part of the split that is 20 minutes of garbage and click "delete" so that there is only the movie inthe L pane, but how to I get it onto my hard drive? In the R pane there is the "edited movie", but it seems like I cannot do anything with it (I assume that is also the movie, without the 20 minutes of garbage). In my output folder, the only thing that is there is teh original capture, ie the movie followed by 20min of garbage.
  3. I am not sure if it is mounted but I am getting somewhere, not there yet but I'm a little bit ahead of where I was when I started this post. I attaching a screenshot to try to make this as clear as possible but what I did was I tried starting a new project (again) and this time I was able to figure out how to make the program understand that I was done with the other one (STN) and wanted to burn a new DVD with a different title - I partially accomplished that. I was able to burn the DVD but titling is not correct. The one that I could not get rid of was called Star Trek: Nemesis (I will abbreviate, STN); the one I have been trying to burn, and just did burn is called Cyborg (CY); take a look at the screenshot, CY is at the bottom but how do I change the text at the top to CY? (currently reads "STN"). When I play this disc this is what I see, the screenshot I am attaching. I want to change that text, at the top and at the bottom, with each new DVD I burn, of course - in this case CY should be the text at the top and at the bottom (as opposed to STN at the top and CY at the bottom). How do I edit this? (at the top, I obviously edited the text at the bottom). Thanks
  4. Of course I can, I restarted the program many times, restarting the machine also has not effect. When I try to delete this file from the right pane "delete" is greyed out, and when I try to delete it a different way (I forget exactly how) I get a message along the lines, cannot delete *name of the file* because it is being used by the EDIT or BURN part of this program...okay, how do I tell EDIT or BURN, I now longer need your services for this file (project, or whatever) and release it so I an use BURN for a different one?
  5. I am using this software that came with it and it works, I was trying to use more advanced software to do all the editing and do not know why I have no audio with it (maybe I will get back to that someday but for now I am using the honestech VHS TO DVD, version 4.0, software that came with it).
  6. Get Rid Of A Project Does anyone monitor (and bother to try to answer) these posts? I was the last person to post something here, weeks ago (no replies). I am trying to use this USB video capture device to digitize VHS tapes, it is not too difficult to get an mpeg-2 file onto a hard drive connected to a Win 7 machine, but it has mostly been a nightmare after that. It came with basic honestech capture and burn software, the first time I tried using it I figured out that I might have to change the quality setting (bitrate) in the capture settings, I got that one VHS burned to a DVD, the next several times I captured a VHS tape I forgot to do so, so now I have a bunch of mpeg-2 movies that are too big to burn to a DVD; does this software compress video? I'm pretty sure not, and I will have to use something else to make those files small enough to fit on a standard, single laver, 4.7GB DVD. The last VHS tape that I captured is fine, I remembered to change the quality settings to a low enough bit rate that the file will fit on a DVD, bu the "burn" section of the program will not let me use that file. Earlier today I captured a VHS tape called STN, I forgot to change those setting so that file is 6.6GB and I will have to figure out a way to compress it since then I captured the one that is fine, that one is called SI, I saved it, I have a file in a folder on that machine which is a mpeg-2 video called SI, and small enough to burn to a SL DVD. After the VHS movie finished, and was captured by this program, I had not editing to do so I went to "burn", it only wants to recognize a previous project (STN), which is too big to burn to a DVD. How do I remove that from the "burn" area and put the smaller flle (SI) into the burn area?
  7. No Audio I am trying to use this USB2.0 video capture device, and NCH software, to digitize old VHS tapes, the video works with that software and one other I tried but no audio. I think I might need another cable, I have trillions of a/v and computer cables, I must have whatever I would need, but even if I do I can't see how to connect it. I have a VCR (plays VHS tapes) connected to a Windows PC running Win7 via a USB video capture device (does it matter that it is plugged in to a USB port at the front of the PC?); the other end of the video capture device has the standard three female RCA A/V connectors (red/white/yellow, obviously yellow being video, colour-coding makes the other two pretty easy); the other end of that cable is plugged into the back of the VCR, into its audio and video outputs, I have cables going from the VCR's outputs into the video capture device, that part cannot be wrong, and the video is being carried o the PC's output( my monitor), but I have no audio. When I go into Device Manager/Sound Video and Game Controllers, I have two new entries since connecting that video capture device, those entries are "USB 2.0 Video Capture" and "USB 2.0 Audio Capture", there are no inverted triangles or yellow exclamation marks or anything indicating that Device Manager has a problem with them, it reports that I have the most up to date drivers. For playback devices, I have two entries for High Definition Audio Device (when I go to the speaker in my sys tray), one entry for the speaker built into the PC and one for the external speakers (what I normally use), and one called AMD HDMI Output (no devices conneced via HDMI and no HDMI ports on this PC). When I play any other sound source it gets pumped through either, as per what I select in playback devices, what do I have to do in order to make the sound track of the VHS tape play? Do I need to plug a cable into my sound card's line in, and if so what would I plug the other end into? The USB video capture device does not have a 3.5mm line in port, and it is really used to carry audio and video from the VCR to my PC, but how do I get the audio to come out of my PC's speakers? The only remaining possible connection I can see is a 3.5mm cable from my sound card's line in to my PC's line out (headphone jack, on the front), but I mean really??? A cable plugged in at both ends to a single machine??? (my PC's sound card and headphone jack). Thanks, Mark
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