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  1. Just an update. I couldn't get Netflix to work, no matter what I tried. I ended up installing VidAngel and it works perfectly for both my Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts. See: https://www.deseretnews.com/article/865682983/Your-questions-about-VidAngels-new-service-answered.html
  2. What I've done is to install X-plore on my TV. I am using a Google Drive (Now called "Backup and Sync from Google") on my laptop. I can download any apk that I want to try on the TV to a folder in my G-Drive. Now, If I want to install anything, watch a movie, play MP3s or whatever, I just copy them to a folder on my shared g-drive folder on my laptop, wait for the files to sync to the cloud and then I open the folder on my TV with X-plore and click the file. Easy as that. Many apps are not compatible with Android TV and they will usually start rotated (although I have previously used an app to rotate my phone screen after I dropped it in the pool and the autorotate stopped working, so I guess that might be one solution), some will only work with a mouse and some won't start at all, like Netflix, which tells me that it is not compatible. If I want to watch anything on Netflix, I just view it on my phone and cast to the TV. The quality is pretty good.
  3. If this is only a Netflix update and NOT a full ROM, can I install this on my device with 9.0 Pie installed? Will it break my Pie?
  4. I've updated my MyGica ATV495Max yesterday. Booted fine, but got stuck when Preparing the remote. The instructions on the screen says: "Press Left and Home buttons and wait for beep" The beep never came! So I was staring at the screen for a few minutes. On the original setup for MyGica, the key combination to detect the remote is OK and Back. That worked and the system started. What I've found: I used to have ES File Explorer on the device before - It is now no longer found in the Play Store. So far, I couldn't get Netflix to work. The latest apk works, but it's not optimised for the TV, so it just sucks. Showmax shows an error that I'm not connected to the internet, so I can't watch anything there. The interface is cool though.
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