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  1. Has anyone heard if these issues have been resolved? Is the ATV1960 a better option? Anyone reported audio issues on it?
  2. So a fix maybe in another 6 months or so...? The fact still remains..a product is being sold with listed capability that in reality does not work. This should not happen! It is testament to how poorly this device is designed and then sold under false pretense to innocent buyers out there. Poor souls! Not a day has gone by so far that I was not tremendously happy with my Apple TV 4K!
  3. Yes you are right..it does not have a USB port...but most routers today have and it is quite easy then to play the files from the Apple TV when HD is directly plugged into Router. If your wi-fi signal is strong you should have no issue.
  4. Don't bother! I returned my device....got my money back and that is the only thing about the device that made me happy! Than added R600 and bought the Apple TV 4K! WOW WOW WOW!!!! From the start everything just worked!! Installed Infuse 5, connected to my NAS (smooth as silk) and started building the library! Pure joy! Everything just plays perfectly! Get DD, & DD DTS immediately! Something the MyGica is incapable of doing! I may sound like a pessimist just moaning but if I can advise on something...go get the Apple TV! It is worth the money!
  5. Hi Bucks, Appreciate the feedback. But herein lies the problem. You must jump through hoops, complete an obstacle course, do a complex rain dance and finally summon the gods of technology. Should they be in a good mood they will bestow some level of functionality unto the device. It will most likely not be what you prayed for but if you upset the gods, they will again render your device to nothing more than a useless brick! I have again tried 10 different config changes this morning and did not get any positive results. And by positive I mean getting the device to do something as simple as...do what the spec says it can! With all due respect if a device is that complex and expensive, requiring a high level of technical skills to operate to get some little bit of useability...I feel so sorry for the bulk of the user base out there. Enough ranting....I set up a Plex server this morning, 15 minutes later I was playing a movie with DTS over my network..PLUG and PLAY! I then created the perfect ending to my morning by going to the takealot website and politely asking them to come and collect this utter piece of crap!
  6. Video Playback Stutter/judder/choppy/jerky Hi There. I currently own a 582 running Kodi 16 and it works like a charm (Android 4.4). Yesterday I purchased a 1900PRO that runs Android 5.1 and Kodi 17.5 I have a ton of TV SERIES I run of my NAS and my 1900PRO and NAS all linked via Ethernet. (not wireless). My 1900PRO outputs HDMI to an Onkyo Receiver connected to a 4K TV (LG). My 1900PRO display settings is set at 4K2K 60Hz . I have audio set to passthrough as the receiver should handle any sound thrown at it. The very first episode I played (.mkv 720P), the playback was immediately noticed as jerky. I have googled it and it is reported over and over and over again using different words (stutter/jerky/choppy/judder etc). Clearly this seems to a very common problem (very widely reported) but nowhere it seems to be acknowledged as a problem (Kodi and/or MyGica). I have played with different settings (frame rate adjust etc) but nothing seems to give me the smooth playback I have on my 582 (which BTW has similar settings to my 1900PRO). If this is a reported common problem, with no acknowledgement or resolution, should I return my 1900PRO? PS: Can one downgrade Kodi back V16? Is that perhaps an option?
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