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  1. How to reset ATV585 Box

    The more settings ask for a password, I never put in a password
  2. How to reset ATV585 Box

    I am talking about the boot, there is a line which says recovery
  3. How to reset ATV585 Box

    I purchased this unit for myself now gave to my son, to use. The reboot recovery menu does nothing if you click on it. It like it is lock or disabled
  4. How to reset ATV585 Box

    How do I factory reset my ATV585 box as it ask for a password to reset. I never put once in? How do I reset this box?
  5. What is the best way to expand memory?.....does the unit see SD Card as best method?
  6. Android remote setup

    \ This remote works awesome I used for some time now. http://www.riitek.com/goods/detail/54.htm
  7. KODO update

    Can I do this without losing my setup in Kodi?....I spend loads on time setting up my player to view content I do not want to loose this.
  8. It is not a HDMI cable issues, as it work fine without using Kodi, this only an issue if you Kodi. My box version of Kodi is 14.2. I need to update this however many method have failed. It is like it is part of the firmware.
  9. I too have some of the same issue, now and then, in Kodi the sound disappears. I found a way to correct this as a temporary method, I use a HDMI cable output. Unplug the cable and plug back in. this fixes the issue. Hence the reason I want to Update my Kodi from 14.2 to 15.2, however methods to update Kodi seems to fail. Even in the MyGica store installation do not work. It look like it is part of the firware
  10. KODO update

    I am have issues with Updating my ATV-585 box, support on Twitter gives me incorrect method. To do via Android play store. MyGica at least see the app, as an old 14.2 update download still does not allowing Install it https://twitter.com/virtue1967/with_replies Does not install because it is already existing. It seems it is part of the firmware. Is there another way to update, mine is 14.2, I am having issues sometime when I click on Kodi it opens belief then kicks me out in some cases I have to repeat this a few time before it goes in