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  1. So, is there any plan to implement hardware decoder in the PadTV HD? I bought it for a year now and haven't used it at all. The spec says it requires NEON processor to play HD Channels. Well, without Hardware decoder, the software is not making use of the NEON. Hence, it decodes using software (CPU) and stutters badly. Help.
  2. It's MyGica DVB-T2 as attached picture. I think alot of people are needing Hardware Acceleration because low end smartphone is not capable of decoding HD channels using software. Please develop one with Hardware Acceleration
  3. It's been 8 months since I posted this thread. Any updates on the hardware acceleration? For your information, i did get a respond from support@mygica.tv saying that they aren't looking at this item. Therefore they haven't a clue on the progress of the hardware acceleration development.
  4. I'v recently bought a PadTV HD for my android tablet. HD Channels stutters and run very very slowly. I believe the application is not optimized and does not use any hardware decoder. I am currently on PadTV HD 2.1.7. I tried 2.1.3 which seems to have hardware decoder on and off but. Pressing it doesn't make any differences. P.S I currently tried my friend's AverTV Mobile EW510 and the AverTV II android application comes with a hardware decoder on/off option. Playback runs very smoothly on my device. Please update PadTV HD that fully use hardware acceleration. Thanks and awiting for your reply