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  1. tess

    GICA 1900ac black screen

    For the lay person, what is meant by "bricking"? Is this a user error? Is it fatal? How can it be avoided? My ATV 1900AC was working one day and became inoperable the next. I can't even get it to power on now. When the power was on, I got a blank screen.
  2. tess

    kodi/mygica centre

    For what it is worth, https://kodiapps.com/builds-chart is a source of trending kodi builds. I won't vouch for any of them (I am trying Sub zero and so far so good), but there are quite a number for consideration and you can get some information and links if you want to pursue any of them further. The nice thing about these builds is that they appear to be easily replaced with another build if you are dissatisfied. If you are using or considering using MMC instead of Kodi 17.6, your choice of builds MAY be limited. I have a question in another forum, asking if any MMC users have happened upon appropriate builds.
  3. builds for mygica media centre I am looking for a build that I can use with MMC but I am wondering if there any limitations, in terms of what builds are appropriate, when using MMC? Can anyone recommend builds that have worked with MMC. Thanks.
  4. tess

    Firmware Upgrade

    I am also trying to achieve the same objective of reverting to Kitkat. Using a Mac, I have downloaded the above file and copied it to a USB but my ATV 380 does not or cannot read the USB file. For what it's worth, the 380 has no reset like the 582. Can someone run through the steps that are required to reestablish Kitkat. Thanks.
  5. tess

    upgrading atv 380 to 5.1

    This post had been removed. Please refrain from discussing 3rd party add-ons that allow access to pirated content. If you feel this post has been removed improperly, please send me a message to review with you.
  6. tess

    upgrading atv 380 to 5.1

    Success! I finally found the file when I selected the other USB port. Everything rolled out as detailed. I now have 17.3. Thanks to all.
  7. tess

    upgrading atv 380 to 5.1

    Yes, my mistake. It was downloaded as a .zip and was decompressed as an .img. (525.1 Mb). This is the file (NDIF Disk Image) I copied to a usb. I tried to search for this file in "install from EXT" and it does not show the .img file
  8. Justin I think I am in the same predicament. The link you provided above is no longer working. Where can I access the same info?
  9. tess

    upgrading atv 380 to 5.1

    Thanks for your input. I downloaded the file from the MyGica support webpage to my iMac. The term used while it was being downloaded was "decompressing". I assume this means unzip. The resulting file was added to my "other" folder in Finder as an .img. I copied this onto a USB. I must admit that it seemed odd that the file I downloaded was an .img and the downloaded file was also an .img. Where have I erred? Right now I can't get away from the screen I described above. Regardless of which button I select, I am returned to the same page. I have tried the reset (On/Off) to no avail. Any suggestions on how to restart?
  10. tess

    upgrading atv 380 to 5.1

    upgrading atv 380 to 5.1 I followed the steps in the youtube video dated June 28/17 using a USB stick. when i got the android guy, it appeared to freeze. I tried to restart but to no avail. I am stuck on a page entitled: android system recovery V002m801_20150526 volume up/down to move highlight; enter button to select. reboot system now apply update from EXT apply update from internal wipe data/factory reset wipe cache partition set fuse item E: Bad boot loader arguments "null" E:cannot mount/sdcard (no such device) E:Can't mount/sdcard/factory_update_param.aml I can move to any of the italicized but cannot resolve the problem. Any suggestions? Can this unit be sent to you for upgrade?
  11. mygica media center updates Have there been any updates to the mygica media centre? I have 17.0 on an ATV 380. It had been working well enough but now is struggling. I recently read somewhere that Kodi users should update to 17.5 or they would lose access to certain HD streams. IF there is any validity in this recommendation, how would that affect those of us who use Mygica Media Centre 17.0?
  12. tess


    Re: AT 380 I am vacillating between the Beta 5.1 upgrade and just updating to MMC 17.3. If I understand it correctly, the Beta option requires a fair amount of rebuilding your preferences etc. Have there been any issues with the Beta upgrade since July? I am assuming that once the upgrade is done, the user can upgrade to Kodi 17.5 without issue? Any news on the MMC 17.3?
  13. tess

    ATV 585 latest firmware

    Using Ares Wizard, I have downloaded the MyGica Fork 17.0 onto my ATV380. So far, so good. Could someone clarify the security concern that arose last week as it may impact MyGica Fork. The security issue seemed to pertain to Kodi Krypton, and the recommendation was that users upgrade/update to version 17.3. I am wondering how, if at all, the MyGica fork I have installed may be impacted by this security issue? I am wondering if my current setup is secure.
  14. tess

    ATV 585 latest firmware

    I downloaded the suggested original link ; however, when I try to open it get the following message "Safari can't open this file because no available application can open it". I get essentially the same message when I use Chrome. Any suggestions? Does this fork solution address the current (May 23rd announcement) security issue? The inference from TVADDONS is that you need to upgrade to Kodi 17.3.