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  1. Andrew Hooper

    DSTV Now App

    It would appear that DSTV have released a new version of the app 2 days ago and also changed their streaming servers, so unless you can get the latest version to work, which is pointed at the new servers, the mygica boxes will never run the app
  2. Andrew Hooper


    Reverting back to earlier version no longer works!!!!
  3. Andrew Hooper

    DSTV Now App

    It does say it is a google certified device. The 582 booklet, on the first page near the bottom "Mygica ATV 582 is the world's first GMS Google Certified 4K Quad Core Smart TV Box. What now with the DSTV app? I have 3 of these devices, how do I get it sorted, or do all South Africans bring a class action against Mygica.
  4. Andrew Hooper

    DSTV and Showmax 1900AC

  5. Andrew Hooper

    DSTV and Showmax 1900AC

    DSTV and Showmax 1900AC I have an 1900ac running build V004M801_20161121 and have a problem with DSTV Now app which seems to be the product ID I get the error "The divice is currently registered to another user", and showmax is installed and am able to preview a movie but if I try play the movie I get blue circle trying to load movie.
  6. Andrew Hooper

    MyGica 582 Device ID

    Any update on the device ID on the 1900AC build 20161121