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Found 10 results

  1. ATV586 5.1 Update? You released a 5.0 update for several builds and a 5.1 update for 1900. But ATV586 is still on 4.4. I would like to update Kodi but I can't do that. When are you releasing a new version for my build?
  2. CEMC: XBMC/Kodi good alternative Hi everyone. I just want to share with you my very good experience with CEMC (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.xbmc.cemc). This APP is a fork from recent Kodi releases and I decided to use it because I can't get Kodi 17.x version installed on my device because my ATV1220T has android 4.2.2 and kodi 17.x needs android 4.4.x. Apart from that, official Kodi build didn't have a good hardware performance, but with CEMC I can watch H264/1080p videos with only 35%-50% of CPU usage. I suppose it is optimized for amlogic chips. Another advantage of CEMC against old versions of XMBC/Kodi is to use updated add-ons. I've seen that some people have installed on other mygica devices, but it works great too on ATV1200 & ATV1220 devices. Share your experience!! Best regards.
  3. Can't download add-ons (Connection error, even though I am connected) Can somebody please help, and I'm not a super "techie" kind of guy. I just bought a MyGica ATV 1900 Android box and it suggested that I update from Kodi 16.1 to Kodi 17.4. This seemed logical, because I tried using Kodi 16.1 to load various video add-ons (like Exodus and Sportsdevil), but I kept getting the error message, "Unable to Connect: Couldn't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?" Even though my device IS connected to the Internet, I thought this might be an issue with the older version of Kodi, so I updated to 17.4. However, I get the same error message with Kodi 17.4. The thing is, my android box IS connected to wi-fi. What do I need to do to get this working? Thanks! Also, I thought I read somewhere that Exodus is no longer being supported and is now being re-branded as Covenant. Is this true? Thanks for your patience and your assistance.
  4. Anybody using SPMC I currently have an ATV-582 and am considering upgrading to a 1900PRO. Is there anybody that uses SPMC rather than KODI Krypton on the 1900PRO? On the 582 I've tried various KODI Krypton forks viz. MyGica Media Center (which still does not support multichannel audio like DD or DTS), CEMC, EBMC, SPMC and now FTMC that works most of the time, however all have some bugs. SPMC was fairly stable but does have the Krypton features on Android 4.4. SPMC seems to be fairly stable on Android 5.1 and above, if anybody does have some experience I'd appreciate feedback.
  5. Atv 585 I have an older kodi box atv585 and Exodus has stopped streaming. I have updated kodi but that made matters worse. I googled the best kodi builds and have tried to add some but nothing working. I'm no expert at this but wondering if the 585 is unable to handle these newer builds.
  6. kodi log viewer dos not work with mygica hello this is my first post here, i'm sorry if its in the wrong place. i have mygica installed on my android device & for some reason, when i try to launch the kodi log viewer it gives me an error. is there a solution to this problem? any help would be appreciated. thank you Lee
  7. Increase kodi cache Hey guys. How do I increase the page/ cache file for kodi? Other apps video is smooth but kodi and covenant in particular seem to stutter a bit. A mate has a atv1900 pro with double the RAM and has no video jitter at all. I have read a guide on how to do this but can't get to the file that I need ro edit from file explorer. Please help
  8. Wifi / Ethernet Hi there, serious noob here. I had an old box that died and bought a 1900 today. On my old box I had wifi and an expanded plugged into the Ethernet port and into my wall. No issues. Now I finally figured out with the 1900 I can only use one or the other. So I use wifi, connects, password ok (as I now have the Ethernet unplugged. Updated Kodi to 17.5 in google play. Now when I go into add a source in kodi it says I’m not connected, but I am. I’ve used kodi before and done the standard toggle to allow external sources, checked wifi again and all good. It just won’t let me add a source, period. Many suggestions would be greatly appreciated! nick
  9. Updating Kodi to 17 on a ATV 582 Hi Justin I've tried reading the threads but I am a complete novice and was hoping you might be able to lay the situation out for me in simple terms. I received a message on Kodi saying that I need to update to version 17, because the streams are not going to support my current version going forward. So my understanding now is that unless I update to Krypon soon, I'm going to have spent a lot of money just to enjoy 2 weeks of video (I just got the box). From what I read, I cant update Kodi, because of my android version that is loaded on the box. And I cant update the android version because it is not supported. Is this assumption correct? What is the best way forward now? Do you have step by step instructions anywhere? Thanks very much for the assistance! Jason
  10. ATV 495 pro Kodi slow Hello, recently I've noticed an issue when running kodi on my ATV 495 pro. It is constantly buffing and pausing during video playback. I tested my internet connection and everything is working well. I have also tried both wifi and Ethernet connection and there is no difference. Is there something else I can try?
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