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Android Certification

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Android Certification

Does anyone know how to get the certification for this device, the last time I turned on the device, google play said that the device is not android certified. This causes the DSTV Now app not to stream live broadcasts, as well as some google play apps to not respond. 

Rooting the device will be my last option and modifying the "ro." files on the device. 

Also,,, this is not because of the latest DSTV app update. This is a licensing issue caused by google play. 

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Okay Guys here is the solution,,,, 

1.Download the DSTV Now App version 1.42.6,,, as an apk and install via apk installer. 

2. Go to google play settings and disable the auto updates. 

3. Enjoy streaming... 

I have tested this for about 60 minutes now and all is in order. 

Please leave a reply if you guys still struggle, I am more than happy to assist. I know how frustrating this can be. 

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