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    ATV 1960 - Windvine L3 Hi All, I've had the most horrible experience with this product so far, so before I give up completely I'd like to get the advice of more experienced users. Netflix is running at SD quality on no matter what version i use. Despite having a 50/50mbps line. Have tried an ethernet connection as well. Was told that a device categorized by Windvine as L3 will never play 4k content. Firmware: I've been told that there isn't a firmware update, Im on 6.0.1 I'm just looking for the capability to view 4k content, as advertised by MYGICA. Is there something that i can do about this? Software i can download to fix any of the issues mentioned above? Thanks, Ryan
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    atv 1960 original foctory firmware 6.01 need factory firmware for atv1960 ver 6.01 where can i find it
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    atv 1960 original factory firmware 6.01 need factory firmware for atv1960 ver 6.01 where can i find it
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    Connection Hi my Mygica will not connect to my wi fi... it used to but now it's a problem. Please help as this is very frustrating. Thanks Tony
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    Programming the k303 Hi there, I have recently purchased 5 of these remotes for various android tv boxes and I really like the remote however it would be amazing to have the proper instructions on how to program the 4 learning buttons and the power button. I have scoured the internet and have found nothing, not even instructions on your own website which I find completely baffling. Why sell a product advertising it’s ability to learn it codes and then not tell anyone how to do it properly. It makes no sense! Even the last post asking this exact question remains unanswered since 2018? Why is this such a big secret. My Gica support staff please respond with valid instructions!
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    The remote has 3 led lights at the top. The red one which turns on everytime you press a button the middle light which I have no idea what it’s for and the my blue led light continuously flashes on one of my remotes and I don’t know how to turn that off. Whoever let this product get released without the proper instructions should be fired. We shouldn’t be paying nearly $40 for a remote with tons of great features yet 0 instructions on how to use them. The instructions that came with mine are very generic and following them does nothing on any of my remotes. What is the flashing blue light mean and how do I turn it off cause it appears to be draining my battery
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    Mygica KR-303 Remote Dead Help Please I have an ATV1960 box and up until today it has worked fine without any problems. Today I turned on the ATV1960 using my KR-303 remote. Remote was dead so I connected the USB cable and charged it for 24 hours. It has not charged at all. Red light comes on but no blue light. It can do nothing. Please advise how to fix. The remote does NOT take batteries. Thanks Hugh
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    for those lookin for the latest firmware i use this one; https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5inRETmaCEXbEI0NkVCZEdiREU/view?pli=1&resourcekey=0-PgNd5YKWO9dyFAMbooN7jg https://www.mediafire.com/file/7xji97w7xnds0na/HDCP+firmware+26+05+2017.zip/file https://mega.nz/file/PQYklbII#wAjtB96Dy30iWi_b6234kNH9yLYaWYbNIHP1v-se46o HDCP firmware 26 05 2017.zip
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    There is an ATV 9.0 Pie firmware for the MyGica ATV 495MAX. Geniatech, MyGica's mother company still sells this same identical box so download the firmware before their link is gone ! https://shop.geniatech.us/download/software-for-geniatech-android-box/
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    For me I had to make 2 adjustments in Display settings for the HDMI to work properly. 1) I manually set the resolution 2) If I recall I had to set the setting "Color Depth Setting" to off. I guess these settings all depend on your TV and you may have to play with them. Mine is an old Samsung non-smart TV.
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    The display issue you describe is something we cannot fix We found this varies by the TV you use the box on, as we have 8 different brands of TVs in our office and it works fine on 6 of them. This is the main reason this will stay in Beta, we had another development team to make 7.1, without having the full Uboot files of Android for these boxes. You can leave the box turned on 24/7, it will use a very small amount of electricity when doing this Me personally, I haven't turned off my box or rebooted it in over 6 months.
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    So a couple of days using the unit with 7.1 (GUI takes a little getting used to) and the only annoyance is that when the unit is powered down and turned on again, you have to remove and reinsert the HDMI cable for the image to appear on the monitor/TV (have tested on 2 TV's and a 23" monitor). I attempted the fix that worked for Rick White (Justin advised turning off Automatic Display Resolution in Display settings), unfortunately it still does it. Apart from that, happy.
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    Here is Beta Firmware to upgrade your ATV 585/600 to Android 5.1 You can install this normally using an SD Card or USB drive and the pre-installed upgrade app. This does not require the reset button like before, however, if you would like to you can load this through the Recovery Menu as well. Just extract the IMG file from the zip folder and move it to a USB drive or SD Card that is formatted to FAT32. **PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR DEVICE** - This is our MyGica version of Android 5.1 and not Android Stock version like we offered before. This has been worked on for awhile now. Change Logs: 1. Updated to KODI 17.3 2. Updated Google Play Services 3. Faster Performance 4. Fixed Mac Address changing 5. Turned off click sounds when browsing through the Home Screen + Android Settings 6. Fixed Screensaver issue when watching a video 7. Improved video playback 8. Improved standby issues as best we could. There is not much more we can do about this issue.
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    How Mygica 1960 connect to IMAC COMPUTER Please help us figure out how to watch mygica 1960 box to IMAC computer. We do have the HDMI adapter and USB. But it won’t automatically connected. Please advise.
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