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    MyGica HD Cap X, doesn't record SOLVED HI guys , if you have a problem with recording on your Flash Drive or HDD on mygica HD cap X You need to convert your Flash Drive Or HDD to the MBR DISK with any partition manager software I just used AOMEI Partition Assistant After that just go in the Disk Management on Windows, DELETE the partition and create new one (for windows 10 users) NOW u can record easily And copy your files on computer .💥 I hope , it solved your problems Sorry for bad Grammar🤕
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    There is an ATV 9.0 Pie firmware for the MyGica ATV 495MAX. Geniatech, MyGica's mother company still sells this same identical box so download the firmware before their link is gone ! https://shop.geniatech.us/download/software-for-geniatech-android-box/
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    This is the micro SD card firmware version: update_MyGica_ATV495X_wv_7.1_20171221_V1.0 1.0 You do not need a PC or laptop to do this firmware update ! 1. You need to get a Micro SD Card that is 1GB or more and format it to FAT32 2. Once you did that move the firmware file you downloaded on your PC to the micro SD card root directly (means not in any folder) 3. Making sure the box is not under power (Unplugged) Insert the micro SD Card into the TF card slot of your ATV 495PRO box 4. While simultaneously pressing down on the power button of your ATV 495PRO box plug in the power adapter and wait till the Android Recovery menu shows up and then you can release pressing the power button. 5. Then using the air mouse or regular PC mouse plugged into your ATV 495PRO box: Select "Apply update from EXT" in the Android Recovery Menu 6. "Update from Micro SDcard" 7. You should be able to see Android doing it's thing verifying and installing the firmware which should take about 5-6 minutes once it goes back to the MyGica launcher. Do not unplugged the power during or after the update for at least 10-15 minutes.
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    Becareful with any firmware updates on the MyGica ATV 495PRO HDR, ATV 495X HDR and ATV 495MAX as MyGica has not released an AML version of the firmware that can be used with the Amlogic USB Burning Tool if ever the SD Card version of the firmware bricks your box. The standard MyGica ATV 495PRO has both the SD Card and AML versions of the firmware released so that is a more safer box to flash.
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    I want to get linux driver. I buy this product, and I want to use arm device on raspberry pi 4. But I can't install driver. 2Years ago driver is not working. Please provide A681 (mxl603, mn88436) driver. I hope I can use this device on my raspberry pi
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    What have you tried, with what, and running which OS on what? Simple (windows or linux with a PC), would be something like Plex Media Server. For free, you can stream content -- movies/music, and watch live TV on your local network. Punch a hole in your firewall, you can do it remotely too. Maybe instead of exposing the server directly with a firewall hole, setup a VPN appliance with WireGuard or OpenVPN. Plex Pass ($5/ month) allows you to record live TV. Works with Roku. I think firestick too. Watch in a web browser on something else. Got phone apps too. Does it work with a mygica A681/A682 USB stick? Dunno. I'll find out next week. Others say at least a few of these products work with TVheadend (Linux/FreeBSD/Android). That's free. Has a ncurses setup that will will you through the install and pretty good documentation. That works with a Raspberry Pi too, but you probably want at least a 3B+ or 4 for that setup for the processor speed. You might also be able to get it working with a MythTV / XBMC / Kodi type setup too. That is a bit more complex, but there is a lot of documentation out there, IF you can get the tuner recognized.
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    If you are using a MyGica 495 PRO or 1900 PRO you can manually install this Netflix TV app. It will be much easier to use a remote as it uses the 10 foot interface It also gets you up to 1080P HD. 1. Download it and move onto a USB drive or SD Card. 2. Insert into your MyGica box 3. Use the Pre Installed app "App Installer" to install it. com.netflix.ninja_3.3.2_build_1530-1530_minAPI22(armeabi-v7a,x86)(nodpi)_MOD.apk
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