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  1. Mygica

    Here is a video that should be helpful - the Micro SD card is compatible with MyGica and you are likely to require the adapter to work with your SD port slot on your computer Most computer store sell them, and you need not spend a bundle, so a low capacity one will suffice
  2. Try pairing the remote, if I remember you do this the same as the KR 41 http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr41-RemotePair
  3. Help with 582

    Hello LVE27, if I may ask, do the specs of the APP in question being met by the box? Like for example you cannot watch 1080p tv programing on a 720p tv...
  4. It is pretty close specification wise as the ATV 495 HDR Pro and is update-able to Android 7.1 with files here:
  5. Initial set up

    Hello Michael, You can watch Coronation Street on the CBC web site here: (search Google in the built in Internet Browser, "watch coronation street for free") https://watch.cbc.ca/coronation-street/all/ebc258f5-ee40-4cca-b66b-ba6bd55b7235?cmp=OTT_SEM_Coronation I don't think the other program is available without a subscription of some sort, Thanks!
  6. Welcome DELL MyGica is happy to announce that DELL will be retailing some of our gear, Please visit: hhttp://accessories.dell.com/sna/category.aspx?k=mygica&_nks=true&c=ca&l=en&s=dhs&p=1&x=0&y=0 to check it out
  7. Mygica 1960

    So maybe it is not the remote control but the ATV 1960 you are having problems with - as I understand things there will be Android 7 available for the North America release of the ATV 1960 so you may be able to update to the new version of Android when it is released
  8. Stuck at MyGica Seeing is Believeing Screen

    At this point all I can suggest is trying to upgrade the firmware with the file from Jan 31, 2017. If you have a valid receipt for the box within a year of purchase it can be repaired or replaced by MyGica They may have a better idea as well, I am like the janitor on here but I do try to help.
  9. Stuck at MyGica Seeing is Believeing Screen

    did you try this method? assuming you got far enough to see system info
  10. Mygica 1960

    You can use pretty much any USB mouse or Keyboard combo to get you by for the moment, it is always difficult to balance the need for speed with making a reliable product with all the bugs worked out, in this case the North American people chose a wait and see attitude... one last thought, did you charge the device with the USB cable and is the device still paired to the USB receiver?
  11. Stuck at MyGica Seeing is Believeing Screen

    ok, that is the Original Pro, that is why it would not take the file, please try this one,
  12. Stuck at MyGica Seeing is Believeing Screen

    Which model box do you have? I assumed ATV 495 pro HDR since you posted in this section...
  13. Stuck at MyGica Seeing is Believeing Screen

    looks like something else is wrong...I will ask the more technical people to look into this...
  14. Stuck at MyGica Seeing is Believeing Screen

    you can use a USB drive to upgrade to Android 7 the file is here: if you have other data on your USB drive create a folder for example I called mine "android7" then unzip the above file into the new directory, hold the power button down while inserting the power supply to the unit and then insert the USB flash drive after you have the system menu on screen you will have to navigate the location menu to point to the new directory you created on the USB, hint look for the ext folder
  15. Where is the « next » button?

    Hi Carl, Please explain your problem so the members can understand it better? Thanks
  16. Hi Sherry, I factory reset a ATV 495 HDR this weekend and hammered on the home button to get through the installs, not sure if it was necessary, I suspect you may have the double whammy of the ATV 195x having a Bluetooth remote that does not use the USB dongle like the ATV 495 Pro HDR. The only thing I can suggest is patience, and once installs run through, restart the unit if the remote is not paired. Please note I am not the tech on here...just the janitor
  17. 1900 Pro wont turn on with the remote

    The remote control turns the unit off and on by infrared technology and does not need to be paired - the keyboard functions through the USB antenna and needs to be paired for this function, does that help clarify things? RMA is an acronym for Return Merchandise Authorization This way we can track the process of your warranty and keep you informed of the process. Thank You
  18. 1900 Pro wont turn on with the remote

    Do you want mail replacement or swap?
  19. 1900 Pro wont turn on with the remote

    Could be the batteries are or near dead Could be the remote needs to be paired with the receiver (part plugged into USB port)
  20. Update on 495Pro HDR hangs on install

    If you could try a regular computer mouse and see if anything is different - if it works, then try Pairing the remote control: http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr41-RemotePair if that fails, Hard Reset: Option a) If you can get into the menu follow the video below Option b) Disconnect power adapter, press and hold power button on the front and plug in the power - holding down the power button on the 495 PRO is the reset button Worst case the unit is DOA and under warranty, in which case you can always return the unit or get it RMA'd
  21. The file you updated to is the correct file, both the ATV 195X and the 329X have the same "chipset" as they are both S905X - what is different about the two units is one is a stick for behind the TV and one is a Set Top Box, and some chipset non related spec differences like remote control and RAM memory, hope this helps.
  22. Capit

    I only see this post, what was the question?
  23. Are you using the power supply that came with the device? Also please try unplugging the device from the TV and reconnecting. Third, sometimes with the updates it may appear as nothing is going on...
  24. Air Mouse Remote not Working Properly

    No worries, I was not aware at one point that the remote buttons will only work if you click when the top or bottom is facing up