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    ATV1800 manual update issue

    maybe this will help
  2. admin

    ATV1800 manual update issue

    what about factory defaults?
  3. admin

    Wrong Remote in 1960 Box

    I was trying to determine which version you in fact purchased - sometimes stock bi-passes the North American distributor. mygica.com is the worldwide distributor/manufacturer this discussion is not about proving anyone wrong, if you remote is DOA it is under warranty
  4. admin

    Wrong Remote in 1960 Box

    Does your Box look like this? This is the Exclusive to Best Buy Model, also it shows the KR301 on the Best Buy site https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/mygica-atv1960-octa-core-android-7-1-tv-box-only-at-best-buy/12604113.aspx?
  5. admin

    Wrong Remote in 1960 Box

    The North American version has the KR 301 - where did you see it advertised with the KR 303?
  6. admin

    Mygica KR-303 stopped working

    sounds like it needs to be paired, should be same as KR 41 http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr41-RemotePair
  7. admin

    ATV495Pro Remote not working

    sounds like you need to pair the remote http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr41-RemotePair
  8. admin

    EyeTV U6 lite

    you may find some more help here: https://eyetvforum.com/
  9. admin

    Remote Issues

    Here is my dilemma, you have the same problem with 2 different units so it would seem very odd for it to be the functioning of the remote control, are you are a distance from the unit, in other words if you approach to within 10 feet does the remote power on and off the unit?
  10. admin

    Remote Issues

    Is there a clear line of site to the unit? The remote control turns the unit on and off by IR and the rest functions through the USB dongle.
  11. admin

    Cant play netflix latest version

    can you post a screen capture?
  12. admin

    Cant play netflix latest version

    so is your problem solved
  13. admin

    Device is not certified by Google

    Well, thanks for being a loyal MyGica customer
  14. admin

    Device is not certified by Google

    I am sorry to hear about your experience. We worked hard on the North American release of this Android 7.X device. As I understand it, the coders are working on this particular bug. Since Android is open source, you may find apps in lots of locations on the web, try searching "app depository" on Google, Thanks!
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    try pairing the remote control http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr41-RemotePair
  17. admin

    Remote Issues

    OK, I sent a message to the more technical mods to see what they have to add...
  18. admin

    Remote Issues

    is the USB receiver plugged in? does the remote turn on and off the device an no other features work? If yes then the remote needs to be paired please visit here: http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr301
  19. admin

    Unable to connect

    Loading Kodi on your TV or on your MyGica box?
  20. admin

    Need help just bought a TV box

    How about Spotify? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spotify.music or just use the youtube app, https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=country+music
  21. admin

    32 bit vs. 64 bit

    If you have the HDR Pro you can update to Android 7.1 - also it great that you have fast internet, however streaming is limited by the source, not your ISP. as for the 64 bit Kodi I am not the person to ask, thanks...
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    Here is a video that should be helpful - the Micro SD card is compatible with MyGica and you are likely to require the adapter to work with your SD port slot on your computer Most computer store sell them, and you need not spend a bundle, so a low capacity one will suffice
  23. Try pairing the remote, if I remember you do this the same as the KR 41 http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr41-RemotePair
  24. admin

    Help with 582

    Hello LVE27, if I may ask, do the specs of the APP in question being met by the box? Like for example you cannot watch 1080p tv programing on a 720p tv...
  25. It is pretty close specification wise as the ATV 495 HDR Pro and is update-able to Android 7.1 with files here: