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  1. Switching between open apps.

    you will not see that on the screen, it will look more like the notifications on a mobile phone
  2. remote is blinking

    did you try fresh batteries and pairing the device, also you may wish to install harmony app on unit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.logitech.harmonyhub&hl=en
  3. Setting up ATV 329x on Harmony

    Did you install this app on your 329x https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.logitech.harmonyhub&hl=en
  4. remote not working

    Hello Anton, here is the proper instructions, assuming you have a KR 41 remote control HOW TO PAIR KR41 In order to pair your Remote follow these steps 1. Unhook your USB dongle from MyGica Box 2. Hold down Vol + And Page + 3. Hook up the Dongle to your MyGica Box 4. Keep holding the buttons till the Flashing blue on your remote Stops That is all now you have successfully paired your KR41
  5. remote is blinking

    The batteries are likely going dead
  6. Switching between open apps.

    Did you figure out how to pull down from the top to find the apps? It si kind of like a mobile phone, but make sure you enable the mouse, then use the OK button just like clicking and holding a computer mouse
  7. 1960 vs 1900?

    It all has to do with chipset and a wee bit more memory in the ATV 1960. Because of the chipset, for the North American model MyGica is not sure if it will be Android 6 or 7 at this moment...the ATV 1960 also has an Octocore Processor
  8. Voice Search (Microphone)

    Hi Will68, Only the ATV495 Pro is available online at walmart.ca and ships with the KR-41 keyboard remote, non air mouse. This model also has enhanced eMMC memory of 16GB rather than 8 GB like on the ATV 495X which ships with a non keyboard bluetooth basic air mouse. Here is the Guide that should be in the box of the ATV 495 Pro, http://www.mygica.tv/manuals.php?model=ATV-495PRO . You can use any USB mouse with the unit. Hope this helps.
  9. Switching between open apps.

    You can pull down the top of the screen kinda like a mobile phone or you can go back through the menu to the app you wish to use
  10. Wifi will not turn on. 1900 Pro

    Did you turn off the Ethernet?
  11. Atv195x update?

    Hello Drew, is there something you were looking for in an update? Or simply curious if there was an update?
  12. No Signal - coming to screen

    Check with the store, MyGica should have a 1 year warranty
  13. Ok, I have asked the more techy guys to look into this, but since it is the weekend they may not respond until tomorrow...
  14. Is the device connect to the WiFi?
  15. Wifi will not turn on. 1900 Pro

    You could try a factory restore ,
  16. Wifi will not turn on. 1900 Pro

    Try "forgetting" your network, turn off WiFi and then enable Ethernet Then turn off Ethernet, enable WiFi and re-enter the WiFi password
  17. 1900 configuration

    That's right, you can only use WiFi OR Ethernet You can enable optical out in >settings >more settings >sounds >digital sounds, >Auto Detection OFF and select SPDIF
  18. mygica ATV329x setup

    I have sent this message off to someone who can help you...
  19. mygica ATV329x setup

    It may be the remote is defective, however try using a regular USB computer mouse to advance the setup...and then try the mouse remote
  20. A TV 495 Pro freezing.

    here is a video from the Wiki
  21. Remote stopped working

    I think you meant ATV 495Pro which in that case th above pairing method should work - but make sure the batteries are fresh
  22. ATV495pro

    Other than a perceived "need for speed", what is missing from 5.1 you are looking for? Android 5.1 is chip specific for the underlying processor S905 and the S905X uses Android 6.0 here is a good reference, https://www.cnx-software.com/2016/07/31/amlogic-s905-vs-s905x-benchmarks-comparison/ and Quoting, "Please note that currently most S905 TV boxes run Android 5.1, while Amlogic S905X devices are already running Android 6.0, so the latter may benefit from some small performance boosts due to more recent firmware. But in any case, that represents a side-by-side comparison of what you can expect from devices sold on July/August 2016, although some Amlogic S905 devices are now getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow firmware updates. The main takeaway is that you should expect slightly lower performance from Amlogic S905X compared to S905, so the new processor is only interesting if you need 4K VP9 hardware decoding (not usable for YouTube 4K, except in the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Box), and/or High Dynamic Range support, or if the price is cheaper compared to an equivalent S905 TV box." If anything the ATV 495 Pro has double the memory @ 16 GB eMMC of the ATV 495Pro HDR Hope this helps
  23. Remote stopped working

    Hello, Which box did you buy? Also you can try pairing the remote... http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr41 Thanks!
  24. Remote

    any USB mouse would work in an emergency
  25. ATV495pro

    There are no 6K MyGica products, so no, there is no upgrade...