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  1. admin

    Pairing the remote

    Plug the PC mouse into the port on the MyGica ATV495Max, you will have to remove the cover as shown here:
  2. admin

    Pairing the remote

    The remote may already be paired...you may need to use a regular computer mouse to navigate the menu and remove the Bluetooth paired device, then try again, also make sure the device is close to the remote when paring
  3. Hello sgwagar, is it working now?
  4. make sure the ATV 195X is plugged in and showing on your TV, you should see a Bluetooth icon at the top, then click any button on the remote, the led will start flashing and stop once paired
  5. Getting Started Remote Sticky *please note that remote control Bluetooth paring is automatic, just make sure your ATV 195X is on and click any button on the remote. Time to pair the device will vary taking up to 10 minutes. While in pairing mode the L.E.D. will flash on the remote control.
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