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  1. That's what I did with Android 4.1.2 (first change res to lowest via HDMI), set it to 480i (I think 572 or the next bigger resolution whatever it is) also worked on my CRT TV Android 4.2.2 also has composite video out working on CRT TV but there are those problems with picture sizing (and inside Kodi severely off center shifted picture). Myself I am not complaining, I just tested it since I got the CRT TV stored away. It would be nice if it worked though. Problem is people expect outputs (hardware plugs) present on the box to be supported which is not the case here. I wonder how much would it take to do so.
  2. With my 13 yrs old CRT Grundig TV which has 100Hz screen refresh I found that Android 4.2.2 indeed does have video problems just as you outlined. But the picture was not badly off to begin with, only when I started OOBE and tried to correct the view that the picture size jumped to very big size with the result that I could see at best only some 3/4 of the Android umbrela (only upper left part of the big picture is visible while the figure should be in the middle of the screen all visible) and I didn't save the result so that I kept a sort of OK picture... but then in Kodi (Helix 14.2) some movies had picture in lower right screen quadrant only (original video size) or the picture was too big and I saw just part of the view... Android v 4.1.2 is better but I get very marginal picture quality (text in Kodi is hardly readable, movies picture quality is sort of kind OK to watch but could be better), with my TV anyway (it is not quite regular TV, it has 100 Hz refresh which use to result into very nice, 'quiet' (of noise and flicker) picture with the old analog broadcast, perhaps because it is 100 Hz screen refresh? Only thing I can suggest and will try myself is to uninstall XBMC Frodo 12.2 and see if I could install Helix 14.2, for now still the best conservative choice that 'just works'. That's because I would also like to put that old CRT TV to some use in a spare room, it is still sort of newish TV as it hasn't been in use many years, despite its age.
  3. I recall reading somewhere if your video is in one corner or otherwise grossly shifted or way too small, it can be solved by deleting some file where this setting is stored. Usually this happens when there are leftovers from previous installation. This can perhaps be done by going into Android->Kodi and deleting the file... but I don't recall offhand which one or where it is. You can get into the box with help of TeamviewerQS (QS is Quick Support) for Android, in its 'File Exchange' feature ... FTP programs like WinSCP (or telnet with Putty) don't work because there is no SSH server on the box. But you still have to know which file and where it is. Perhaps you could try to hold power button while you plug in power to reboot into the 'restore menu' and choose to 'Wipe data/Factory reset' Look at the video on this thread how the menu looks and how its done: viewtopic.php?f=84&t=1762 I am not sure how drastic change that is, that is what state your box will be in after doing that. But we should really do this step everytime we update Android to new version, like 4.1 to 4.2... to insure there are no leftover settings files. I understand you went back to 4.1, why not try flashing the 4.2.2 again but do first the Wipe data/Factory reset, then Reboot from the same screen and then insert 4.1 to 4.2 update SD card and do the usual procedure for updating.
  4. If I am not mistaken, there are two ways to change screen size, one is in the wizard you get on first run which also can be run later on (app OOBE - the Android with umbrela), the other is MBox Settings app. I believe those are independent options to set screen size. No idea if either one works with outputs other than HDMI though.
  5. I noticed CEC settings today in 'SettingsMbox' app (it is on the last, fourth page). Go to Advanced tab and click on 'CEC Control', hope this solves your problem. I don't use this control but noticed that I have all choices on OFF by default (I have never changed it).
  6. Today I had to hook up one atv1200 via composite video mode and the picture quality is barely acceptable, small letters on screen are almost illegible... I set the box in Android from default 480 to 576 (or something like that, only two choices there) and didn't see much improvement. Now I am wondering if the tv also needs to select that 576 mode in its setting to meet the atv box halfway? Does it make sense? The tv I was trying the composite video on is set to 720p I think. Its an older tv with HDMI inputs but I need to setup atv1200 for another tv that only has component, composite and s-video inputs where the last two are out as per justin's answer and there being no s-video out
  7. I don't know what video you have in mind but I think your problem will be specifying the path where the backup will get deposited. In Settings-Add-ons-Enabled Add-ons-Program Add-ons click on Backup plugin and then Configure button and in there on second line below Browse line guide it to where you want the backup to go. Browse to the location where the backup should go and then go down to OK the choice. Back in Programs-Add-ons run the Backup again. The Backup is called XMBC Backup in Gotham. Make sure the external location is mounted, else you can't browse to it as per above. Check in Settings in Android in Storage where at the bottom you should see if the device is mounted or not. That's the place where you go to dismount it before disconnecting it.
  8. My guess it happens to us who are still in the process of setting up the box, like in my case to learn its ins and outs as I try things out instead of just watching movies. Like the other day I installed TVMC which is Gotham 13.2 XBMC that can coexist with Kodi. I installed many skins in TVMC version to see which I might like and then I did uninstall most of them. I was surprised to find many of those skins having been installed in Kodi as well, but not used, just installed. I did uninstall them and upon next start of TVMC and Kodi both greeted me with 'first run' message but the configuration I made was still there, freaked me out a little. Mind you best is to stick with default skins, any other ones slow things down and can be confusing to boot. In Kodi I liked Influence skin but it noticeably slows Kodi down when you move about, no idea if it affects movie streams.
  9. Same thing happened to me also. I installed app (something about maps) and didn't find it interesting I went to Settings/apps and clicked Uninstall and during uninstall I started getting pop up messages telling me that my stock apps like Google Play Store stopped working or something to that effect, next message was about Advanced Task Killer and a bunch of other apps. I decided to shut down and power off and back on and all I got was the Android figure and was stuck on that. I went to 14.1 Kodi update which I keep on extra SD card and tried to boot into it to do upgrade but all I got was that 'recovery' screen with several lines in blue to make choices and as I could not switch to the choices I went to forum here because I recalled seeing here some thread that dealt with this problem and voila, as per your advice justine, I slipped in 4.1 to 4.2.2 upgrade SD card and powered up while holding reset and presto, success as others had here. Thanks so much. Applying Kodi 14.1 update was a breeze and redoing the Kodi setup manually will just hone my skills in doing that, slowly I am getting hang of things. The map app that caused all this during uninstall was from torrents, not sure if it was malicious or if uninstalling an app can cause this to happen. Anyway I deleted the app from my install disk straight away.
  10. Interesting link, is our box ATV1200 on there? Not sure under what other name it might be known (like that Chinese co. that develops this box, not sure what its name is now). It definitely is not as simple as downloading something from that google play store, as many kinds are available there also, device specific. I was hoping this box is general enough that something would just work. Reason I ask about the Teamviewer is the place I bought the box from offered to set it it up after I upgrade Android on it and they told me I just need to get TV from google play store and tell them the ID so they could connect into my box... I guess I should ask them which one would work. But I am setting everything myself now, I am getting hang of it bit by bit. I just thought TV remoting in might be another way to remote control the box, from a windows laptop for example, right?
  11. Is anybody remoting into their ATV1200 with Teamviewer? I tried various versions from Google play store and also got .apk installer from internet but I can't for the life of me connect from my computer into the ATV1200 box. I get told that the destination if not online, or some such crap. I can connect from the ATV1200 to that computer desktop but in reverse it doesn't work. Is that not supposed to work perhaps?
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