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  1. Justin


    That error means the app you're trying to install doesn't work with Android 4.4 on your 586
  2. The stick is made for ATSC signal only It was never designed to work with your VCR
  3. Disney made sure to block it from working on Android boxes like MyGica So currently there is no way around this
  4. Under Droid settings and change HDMI CEC to off. Should fix your issue.
  5. Have you tried the box on a different TV? And did it work there or did you get the same result?
  6. Both your guys units have solid Red light when plug the box into power?
  7. The issue with Aptoide is it installs the X86 version of Netflix when ya click Install. It is installing 4.16 As Aptoide never built in way to detect X86 vs ARM, Google Play has this built in The 495 PRO uses ARM If ya click on Other Versions when looking at Netflix on the Aptoide Store and install Version # 6.26 1 This is the correct working version Google Play has always installed Mobile Versions of Netflix + Amazon Prime, actually all apps from the Google Play Store on the 495 PRO are Mobile or Tablet Versions Aptoide though has some Google Play TV apps though, like Amazon Prime. You just need to search for it.
  8. Which version of Android is your 495 running? And what 495 is it exactly? The stick on the bottom of the unit will tell you the exact model #
  9. Yes same for me I will wait till Monday to check again
  10. It is not available yet on the Android TV Playstore At least when I checked yesterday. Although the Mobile App of Amazon Prime got Chromecast, so that should work with the 495 MAX.
  11. The 495x does not come rooted, that is what Super User is. It is root access So that is why this will not work Also am surprised that XIBO even works with Super User, as we have a few customers who use XIBO for their signage players and Super User/Root Access was not allowed to get certified.
  12. I have looked for this myself. But cannot find it either. If you email support@mygica.com they should provide it to you. Let me know how it goes
  13. Justin

    Di .O

    Ok Sorry but we do not sell this remote So our support is limited here This is a forum for MyGica products. We sell a similar version of this remote though So you can try the pairing instructions on the bottom of the page after clicking this link http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr301 If not, then I would contact the seller you purchased it from for help
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