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  1. The issue with Aptoide is it installs the X86 version of Netflix when ya click Install. It is installing 4.16 As Aptoide never built in way to detect X86 vs ARM, Google Play has this built in The 495 PRO uses ARM If ya click on Other Versions when looking at Netflix on the Aptoide Store and install Version # 6.26 1 This is the correct working version Google Play has always installed Mobile Versions of Netflix + Amazon Prime, actually all apps from the Google Play Store on the 495 PRO are Mobile or Tablet Versions Aptoide though has some Google Play TV apps though, like Amazon Prime. You just need to search for it.
  2. Yes same for me I will wait till Monday to check again
  3. It is not available yet on the Android TV Playstore At least when I checked yesterday. Although the Mobile App of Amazon Prime got Chromecast, so that should work with the 495 MAX.
  4. Justin

    Netflix full HD

    No not right now Not really sure if their will be one either.
  5. Justin

    Netflix full HD

    1080P + 4K Netflix is only possible on Netflix Certified devices None of our models are Netflix Certified We have tried to get them certified, but Netflix's requirements are way too high.
  6. Try the Cetus Play Remote app on the Playstore + Apple App Store on your phone This one should work well, without needing the remote option on the firmware.
  7. Google Play Movies only play in HD on GMS Google Certified devices Our 495x is not GMS Google certified, and never will be. So there is no way for us to fix this or advise on how to fix it
  8. Is there an error msg you get when you try to open the apps that are failing to load?
  9. Justin


    Most games you will need a mouse or gaming remote in order to play them Are you trying to use the regular remote that came with the 195x?
  10. The remote that came with the 1900 PRO should have been a USB remote Have you tried plugging in the USB dongle for the remote into another USB port on the box?
  11. You can get a working version of Netflix from the Aptoide Store which is included on 7.1 Just make sure to follow these steps though There is an issue with Aptoide/Market installing the X86 Version of Netflix when users click install and the Buzz boxes use ARM Processors. You need to uninstall this version, go back to the Market Look for Netflix, then select Other Versions And install the Version 6.26.1 Build 15 Dated Feb 26, 2019 We tried this version here and it works You will just need a mouse in order to use Netflix as it has always been like this.
  12. The Android 7.1 files that we released for the 1900P + 495P have a Super User option on them, so you can root the box if you want. We do not have anymore updates for the 1900P + 495P on Android 5.1
  13. Which remote app are you referring to? Good to hear the sound is fixed, as for the other issues with mouse pointer will have to compare this Please note the 7.1 is beta, and will stay that way as we cannot get everything working 100%
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