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  1. Hard drive limitations I am about to purchase and attach a 4TB external drive to my 1960 and as there is a no return policy on hard-drives, I was hoping to seek out the limitations before purchase. Any help or forum directions would be appreciated!
  2. UPDATE: With the release of KODI Krypton on February 5, 2017 which required that the Android OS 5.0 be used to continue with its use, a lot of Android KODI users had been using 4.4.2 Kit Kat with Jarvis or Isengard and both produced flawless audio and video playback but from that moment on until the Kodi group updated the video playback portion of Leia (KODI 18) many users suffered with video chatter/ stutter that mimicked a child’s flip card display or game (thank you). I have spent countless months experimenting with each adjustable section of KODI to correct this video issue with the understanding that it was a hardware related issue but to my surprise, the introduction of Leia (Beta and RC1) has solved it. I even went as far as purchasing new devices with updated operating systems, clean installs and still without luck. I am not saying that this is or was the only issue but with the release of Kodi v18 “Leia” RC1 my issues have disappeared and are apparently corrected with quality non jittery video again! I highly recommend that if you are experiencing any video issue that you at least attempt this as it is free and apparently works and fixes this problem.
  3. No problem and thanks for the support. I received an update file to try and will let everyone know what happens. S....
  4. The box did come from MG North America in Brampton... I will try moving the remote dongel but here is exactly what is happening. This box (an ATV1960) loads or boots the MyGica startup screen and compared to the video display from my 1800e, it is quiet jittery and cheap looking (it is no longer smooth). It then defaults to the N or Nougat screen and all of a sudden it appears to be loading the old Google Nexus Android Launcher (the orange screen with multiple configurations of odd shaped triangles) but flips back into the MyGica 4K HD Android Launcher. The box has had freezing issues since day one and by freezing I mean that it will freeze anywhere and anytime no matter what it is doing! It freezes while sitting on the home page, it freezes while steaming video using YouTube, it freezes while playing content from a self-contained source, and it freezes while simply doing cleanup on both the internal and external hard-drives. In other words, it freezes up no matter what it is up to and without any logic of heavy use or not! PS. The term freezes means that the box is no longer HOT or still active.
  5. To make a long story short, I purchased an open box MyGica 1960 and have had nothing but freezing issues. I have done a factory reset and rebuilt the apps that I use but no matter what I do or use while using the factory installed versions of 4K Movie player, YouTube, Kodi, it simply freezes up (not always right away) and needs to be unplugged to make it work! To make things even harder to figure out, if the box sits inactive for a period of time it also freezes. I would do a hard reset but MyGica does not have the image file online yet (at least that I can see) and I would try this as the factory install may have its own internal glitches.
  6. Here it is just 5 days into owning an ATV1960 and I am sad to say it crashes 2 or 3 times per day! I have done a factory reset and even though it is only using the installed YOUTUBE feature it freezes after viewing as few as 10 videos… Sad to say that I am not impressed but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Just my 2¢

    auto shutdown

    auto shutdown I have recently upgraded to an ATV 1960 from an 1800e and have noticed that my external 1TB drive does not go to sleep when the 1960 does as the 1800 did. I will be installing it in the internal bay so my question is, will the internal drive spin continuously or should I leave it outside so that I can turn it on and off (sort of defeats the purpose)? PS. It is sad that Netflix is still only SD!
  8. It loaded with the same errors so I found the 4.4.2 kit kat boot-card and reloaded it and then installed the MyGica Media Centre v17 and everything loaded and all of the jitter and stutter appear to be GONE. Though this is not thoroughly tested I will need to respond later but on first glance at a few it appears fixed... Many thanks
  9. 1800e boot card issue I have been having trouble with an old 1800e and it appears to be stuttering while playing video greater than SD quality. To solve this, I have been trying to re-image it using the boot card method and this update (update_Mygica_ATV1900AC_5.1_NoNetflixHD_20161121). I have used this many times without issue but now it freezes or stops on the initial re-boot (I have waited 20 minutes) and then it stops loading the apps on the second of eight (Wi-Fi analyzer), (another 15 minutes) so I have unplugged and rebooted to a blank app screen. I can load the necessary apps but I am truly wondering why a clean install would freeze up? Is there a newer boot card sequence or is it just the age of the 1800e?
  10. Tons of places will look at it and they can be found by simply doing a search online. If you search this website for reset 1800e (or do an online search) and if you have some patients and courage you can learn to do it yourself. You can try to find the software you are using (http://www.mygica.com/support/) download it, and then search these forums for the how to!
  11. 1960 what is the holdup? I have been patiently waiting for the release date of the ATV 1960 to your general suppliers. Will BB have a total monopoly on this product and if so why? Hopefully this does not come off sounding like a threat but I have owned ONLY MyGica (1200. 1800, 1900, 495) over the years and have been patiently waiting for nearly two years for this item and as I only support our local smaller retailers, it may be time to look elsewhere! Great products, poor choice of delivery!
  12. Yes this is a clean install but each time I do it it freezes on the second portion of the load and each time it happens I worry of bricking it! I was hoping that there was a newer boot card version than 9/26/2016 and I have also heard that the 1800 simply can't keep up to 5.1.... I never tested youtube and I am not a netflix user.
  13. I am still using my Mygica 1800e with 5,1 dated Nov 16 update and no matter what I try, it stutters on the video portion of ANY playback except 4K movie player. It is not the internet (50/10) as new everything was updated, including the underground cable from the box. After two sd based clean installs with the same results, maybe there is something new out there that will work as my laptop does not stutter with the same setting (windows). Any suggestion would be extremely appreciated!
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