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    mygica 1960

    The 1960 is on the shelves at BB but only has Android 6.0 according to the online ad. Just a little bit disappointed!

    mygica 1960

    Great News! Can't wait for their arrival!

    mygica 1960

    I contacted Mygica/Geniatech and they said that the 1960 would be released to Canada via Best Buy in late June or early July 2018 but don't hold your breath as it was originally released in October of 2016. PS. Best Buy tech had no confirmation of the above!

    mygica 1960

    The box stores have had the ATV 1900 Pro on sale for months now and we are still awaiting the Canadian release date! If my memory serves me correctly, this box was scheduled for a late 2017 release!

    32 bit vs. 64 bit

    Thanks for the response and I will look at updating to 7.1 soon. Fast internet and a debrid service have been wonderful until they both died and this box (probably the programmer) have left me feeling a MyGica low but I will figure it out with the help of ours from this forum.

    32 bit vs. 64 bit

    32 bit vs. 64 bit As both my 1800e's have died recently and deemed to be bricks, I purchased a 495Pro from a local seller hoping for simple plug and play. To my surprise, this box has very choppy video, lags behind compared to the clear and crisp video of my 1800's. The dealer has been telling my it is my internet (17.3 Mbps down / 5.71 Mbps up) but there is no issue in playing the same videos off of my laptop. I think that it has the 32 bit version on the box and I was wondering why a 64 bit box would not have kodi-17.6-Krypton-arm64-v8a.apk installed? Thanks for any adivice as said dealer has not been very supportive nor helpful. PS. the box has every app under the sun installed and I have been slowly and selectively removing them.

    1960 release date

    Thanks for the information...

    1960 release date

    1960 release date I have searched the forums and it appears that this query is not new but still remains unanswered. My 1800e finally died and I would like to purchase a new MyGica that hopefully has a newer OS than 5.1 but also has the future built into it and that model appears to be the 1960. It also appears that this model is not yet available in CANADA so my question is, when will it become available (if ever)? I have noticed that one can be purchased online but I would truly prefer a brick and mortar location. Any advice or direction is appreciated.

    Mygica ATV1960 blank

    My 1800e just died and I am looking to replace it with another MyGica product and have been looking at the 1960. Can anyone post an availability date as to when this item will become available in CANADA? Many thanks in advance....
  10. RYCBAR

    Frame Rate Question

    Is there any reason why MyGica have not updated their boxes (at least the 64 bit ones) to a frame rate to at least 120? My memory tells me that the frame rate sets the speed of refresh and in fast moving movies/shows this will make they can appear blurry. Just wondering as I am looking at a newer box!
  11. RYCBAR

    Will not turn on after turning off

    My 1800 did all sorts of weird and wonderful things but I believe persistence, support from here and trying new things finally has it working. I did many factory resets, erased it many times and tried various ways of reloading 5.1 and as I said earlier, the bootcard method finally solved the will not turn on/off without a hard reboot.
  12. RYCBAR

    Will not turn on after turning off

    Being a rookie at this I would humbly suggest that you start at the beginning a load everything once more and the bootcard method worked the best for me as I tried for weeks.
  13. RYCBAR

    Will not turn on after turning off

    Since Justin suggested the below everything (touch wood) including Stand by is working at 100% for nearly two weeks now! The latest 5.1 IMG file and bootcard files can be downloaded from this link. Format SD card to FAT32 and install via included instructions. http://mygicasupport.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=3668
  14. RYCBAR

    Will not turn on after turning off

    This file fixed all of my problems and re-installed everything that MyGica needs to operate and you can use the Backup/Restore tool to save your set up and reload it after the install. Not sure if it helps but it was not hard to do and as I said earlier, I have been up for over one week now without the old problems reoccurring.
  15. RYCBAR

    Will not turn on after turning off

    The 5.1 update as described above has fixed (so far) this issues that I had that it would not restart without a hard reboot.