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  1. probably you can just add kodi and replay de video again and again
  2. No, since is not as important, i just want to repurpose the box since its too slow/incompatible with HD netflix... is there an openelec image for this ?
  3. repurpose atv 582 Anyone knows if i can repurpose the android box so it can run openmediavault ?
  4. no, in fact i installed another firmware ac1900 firmware, and it didnt let me access either... so i flashed 9/11 FW with factory reset from recovery
  5. updated to the latest 9/11 and nothing.... nada cant remove google account from device, cant sync, cant access play store... updated latest play store apk, google play services, still doesnt work...
  6. flashed 1900 AC firmware ...... the box crawls, still couln´t access play store, i would not recommend this update, stick with 4.4 kitkat flashed again march 31st fw, now the box has 2 issues... 1) can´t access playstore or mygica store says there is no network 2) 24hz display automatic switch does not work (even with the init.d fix) when switching to 24 hz it goes blank, probably an update after this fw was the one that worked but i couldnt find it ...
  7. Actually I figured out after that this current Netflix TV APK is meant for Android 5.1 or higher. I tried it on a device of mine that has 5.1, it did install but when I open it I get the message "Your device is not compatible" which means they use device verification. ok will try it using market helper to check if i can spoof it, also still cant open several apps (file explorer / play store) edit: forgot you mentioned its for 5.1+ bummer
  8. there´s an app called market helper, i believe this app does spoofing, but still you cant install the apps because they wont run on a different chip..
  9. try pushing the button then powering on the machine, do not let go of the button until you see the recovery, also you already tried with quick boot ??
  10. do you know if we can preload Netflix for Android TV (for Android 5.0+) in this new firmware ? https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/netflix-inc/netflix-for-android-tv/netflix-for-android-tv-1-0-3-build-133-android-apk-download/
  11. yeah, i would like to know because the box is acting up... probably a new fw would solve all the issues
  12. well, i solved the installing apps issue with installing aptoide store.... i had to upgrade/install netflix from there because it kept crashing but now the button on the remote does not launch netflix (doesnt bother me) .... i'll wait a little longer to see how the box responds to this fw ... . thnx for the info
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