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  1. You could do a factory reset to see if the google play store issue is fixed. Yes there are some apps the do need to be updated. This is why you need google play store. I have also mentioned the game controller issue about this firmware.
  2. Download to USB from PC then plug into box then select software update from settings. Select local update. Select file click OK. then wait.
  3. Kodi wont start, keeps crashing

    Go into manage apps and do a clear cache and clear data on Kodi. restart Kodi. See how that goes.
  4. Optical Sound Output not Working

    Hi FBN, Have you turned the optical on in the by going into the settings screen. Select the Display then select Advanced. Turn off the digital audio detection then select the Digital Audio Output and change to SPDIF passthough. You can tell it worked by the red light comes on in the optical output port
  5. USB not powering off

    Hi Guys, I have tested this also on a ATV582 and it also keeps the USB powered up. It is not due to the USB remote receiver as the power button on the remote uses IR command and not RF via the USB receiver. I will see if i can find out why.