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  1. Is the 1800E no longer supported?

    I replaced my Mygica 1800e's with either Fire TV Sticks or Nvidia Shield. Both are way better than the Mygica ever was. I wish the Fire TV was easily available in Canada as I would have that as well. (The Nvidia Shield is overkill)
  2. 1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    I can open it with 7zip and see the files inside, I can also extract the archive with 7zip. I think you may have a corrupt download, or your computer may have issues.
  3. 1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    Probably for the same reason you don't put your foot to the floor and leave it there when you get your car out on the highway. also, I have never turned my 1800e 'off', or into standby, never saw the need, most media players just turn off the video out anyway, so power saving is pretty much a non issue.
  4. 1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    I have heard from a few people that the 5.1 beta that is listed in the video posted here, does not seem to have the audio passthrough issues that the new 5.1.1 release has. I haven't tried it myself yet, but I am planning on trying it. It can't be worse than what I have now. I will post back once I have tested it with kodi 17, however it could be next weekend before I have time to do it.
  5. 1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    For a little more money I could have an Nvidia Shield. That will be my next Android media player, assuming I don't just build an HTPC instead. While I know the Raspberry Pi software, Xbian and OpenELEC are based on linux, I still am surprised at how much better they do with kodi than this MyGica 1800e, and for about half the price. This has been disappointing from the start and it seems to get worse. After the 5.1 upgrade it frequently freezes, requiring the power to be removed to restart it, to try again. I blame myself for not doing enough research before purchasing.
  6. 1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    I had the same issues with kodi 17 on my mygica. However it works fine on a raspberry pi 3 using xbian and openelec. Justin, is thee any update to the MAC address changing on these devices after the update? Thanks.
  7. 1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    Can't read, or just to lazy to potentially learn something?
  8. 1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    My old Samsung S2 did the same thing after an upgrade, they wanted it back to fix it. MAC addresses are supposed to be hard coded, a software update should have no effect. I am hopeful for a fix but I won't hold my breath.
  9. 1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    Mine seems to as well.