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  1. Are there any settings at all that address input formats, hdmi types, or anything relating to hd stuff?
  2. Where did you download the app from? Google play? The only suggestion would be trying to install different versions, maybe try the ones from apptoid.
  3. Hi there, try plugging in a mouse from a computer. This allows control of the unit and will also allow you to install apps like cetusplay, which is an app for ios and android to control you device from your phone
  4. Can you trybchrcking the hdmi settings in your tv? Sometimes tvs have different edid settings. Trybchanging anything that looks like 2.0, or 1.2 relating to hdmi
  5. Hi there, with the new remote, did you unplug the old Dongle and plug in the new one that came with the remote?
  6. The only time I’ve seen this is when the batteries are low and it has trouble staying synced with the Dongle. Try putting fresh ones in and let me know.
  7. Hi ryan, without having the boxes in our shop its tough to know whats happened. The 1900 pro isn’t known to have this issue in any software.
  8. Thank you for coming back to reply. That helps me understand why that happened, and will likely help customers in the future.
  9. ****Update. We found an issue with the files needed for downgrading. The issue should be fixed and the files updated by the time any of you read this. Simply head back in and download the 6.0 files and follow the instructions carefully.
  10. Hi there, ive never sent that before. What is your resolution settings in the system? You may want to try changing it to see if it makes a difference.
  11. Dlh, what do you mean hard reset the remote? The box can be hard reset through both manual and in operating system methods. Do you not have a mouse that will work? Have you tried the remote pairing procedures?
  12. Hi there, give this a try:
  13. Hi there, this is interesting and we’ll have to check it out. I’ll mention though, we weren’t being sneaky, the power button on the unit is the reset button. Simply hold it down while powering it up to do the same effect.
  14. Did you do the same method to both of them? What steps did you take? Are you located in Canada?
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