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  1. frosty911

    1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    I have not done the ondemand patch yet. Just finishing the 0306.img update mall done both updates finished. Now what to check lol? Stand by issue?
  2. frosty911

    1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    I believe so.. I used one and I am currently doing the update as I type, but I believe it needs to be formatted a certain way. I cant recal what it needs to be, fat32 maybe? would have to do aome back tracking to verify
  3. frosty911

    1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    OH CRAP... I didn't install the first file (0603.img) and then do the patch... ops.,.... back at it I guess... whoops,.
  4. frosty911

    1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    i downloaded and installed using the update software the box froze on the erasing screen so i unplugged and restarted. the box booted normally to my exsisting home screen. i retired the update and everything went smooth. the box rebooted and loaded up to ,y exsisting home screen menu. it did not reset my box. all my apps and short cuts are there. question is, should it have reset my box completely no ,atter what? is there anyway to tell that it is indeed updated? i looked in the settings menu under More Info and it looked to be the 06052017 date is there any other way to tell?
  5. frosty911

    1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    Turning off Wifi on the unit and connecting the Ethernet cable (and obviously turning the function on) is what fixed stand by issue for me. That's my work around for the time being.
  6. frosty911

    Justin Please Read - "Stand-by" issue idea worked

    I did on occasion have it freeze. On occasion. I think the freezing has something to do with using the power button on the remote to put it in standby mode. If I used the on screen power button (bottom left corner area) I had no freezing issues. I had to clean everything up, so my little test area is gone, but I'm hoping to get a longer Ethernet cable so I can test again. I was just hoping that some of the info I posted could be used towards a fix. ITs not the answer, just what I happened to stumble upon.
  7. I had a thread earlier that got off topic about the 1800e stand by blank screen issue when waking the device. Today I was messing around and connected my box via Ethernet instead of wifi, After disabling the wifi and enabling the "Ethernet" I was SUCCESFULLY able to put the box in standby mode and WAKE IT!!!!! Needless to say I was excited because I thought I had solved my issue, HOWEVER, on occasion it would still give me the blank screen but only when Ethernet was disconnected and wifi was on. still working out kinks. so in the end having the Ethernet cable connected, on, active and wifi off, allows me to use the standby mode without having to reboot. Maybe your tech guys could use this info. its as if the Ethernet is what wakes the screen or unit... Brad
  8. frosty911

    1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    i am aswell, but using the 1800e.
  9. frosty911

    1800E volume limit or ceiling?

    Okay. Thank you. Appreciate the help
  10. frosty911

    1800E volume limit or ceiling?

    okay so I was doing some reading (maybe I jumped the gun on posting) and apparently there is a setting in Ko%i I need to check.
  11. frosty911

    1800E volume limit or ceiling?

    1800E volume limit or ceiling? I was wondering if anyone had some input in regards to the sound on the 1800E. I have no idea if this is related the box, or my tv or a specific setting in the settings menu of the box. When I max out the volume on the box, and still find movies or videos hard to hear, I then increase the volume on my tv and find that the volume will hit a certain point and the sound will not go louder. It doesn't matter how long I hold the volume button down (I could hold it down until the number reaches 100) it wont increase the sound and its as if there is a limit that stops the sound from increasing. Was only curious if anyone else has experienced this, and again, I'm in no way pointing my finger at my 1800E as the culprit. I do believe this may be specific to "Kodi", so I'm not sure if that helps point some one in the right direction with an answer. The box in connect via HDMI cable to the tv. Also, I wasn't sure if this post needed to be moved because I used the "k -word" thanks
  12. frosty911

    1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

  13. frosty911

    1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    Hay Justin apparently my reply didn't go through. I thought I already replied. I have 2 dongles connected. 1 is the original dongle that came with the 1800e unit and the second dongle is for my Mii remote. I have tried removing all the dongles and it seems to make no difference. Powering off into stand by mode, when box is on, shows red light Power on from stand by mode and box light turns green, but tv is still blank black screen, and at this point the box seems frozen because the green light stays on and I cannot power it off unless it's unplugged.
  14. frosty911

    1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    Hay Justin. I installed the patch. I used the unit for a few hours and then very hesitantly put the box in stand by mode. I'm sorry to say "at least in my personal experience" that the box did indeed go into stand by mode but I was NOT able to power on via the remote or the power button on the box. HOWEVER, this time around there was no red light. The green light turned red, once I selected "stand by" and then immedialty went back to green and the green light stayed on with the box in stand by mode. I know the box went into standby mode because my tv lost the signal as if the unit was off Will try try again tomorrow after work and see if I can repeat the process. So at least for me anyways the patch at this point did not work. Just wondering if anyone has had success or if they have experienced this. Thanks. Brad
  15. frosty911

    Upgrading to android 5 failed

    Justin.... I have an 1800E and I downloaded and installed this new firmware image file (below) now I seen your post and link "above" and I'm wondering if I downloaded and installed the wrong firmware? Or are these the same files? Hopefully someone can clear this up for me...