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  1. Sorry mine is actually error 5.8
  2. I have the same issue that started recently on my 1900Pro using the Beta 7 firmware. Netflix will only play one title then error. It happens on different version of the netflix app also. I did a factory reset last night and the issue still happens. Unless it's something new to the netflix app itself I can't think of what else might be doing it. I have tried netflix 6.2 and 6.19 from AptoidTV. The 4.7 at the top of the list will not install - I get an error saying package is corrupt.
  3. Using the beta I am still having some issues with remote. Eg: trying to code a static IP but 'OK or 'Enter' don't acknowledge so I can't submit the change. Some apps also no longer respond to arrow keys only the air mouse. Lastly can someone tell me the name of the memory clearing app from the old version, I have tried a few but don't like them and can seem to find that one.
  4. The HDMI issue is the only thing still happening on latest 7.1. Lollipop didn't have the issue do you think it might be an Android driver issue? Otherwise I certainly give it a big thumbs up! It's like my 1900Pro is a brand-new box . Runs better than ever, love it, great work to the Mygica team!
  5. Thanks Justin! I'll send a followup after testing.
  6. I'll test it out if you are offering... :)
  7. Don't know if this will help but these are the settings I need under SOUNDS to stop the garbled audio: Digital Sounds - Auto Detection off, PCM selected. Sound Output Device - hdmi_output Reboot may be needed after settings change (Even though it shouldnt)
  8. If I remember correctly the weather icon comes from location services being active. Turn it off and the icon goes away. I get the download arrow sometimes also, still haven't figured out how to get rid of it other than reboot.
  9. I checked my Kodi and it was already off.
  10. Yes also garbled on HDMI output. But reboot box and it would stop for awhile might be days, or hours until it started again. Only the combination of setting I mentioned earlier has stopped it from happening in over a month now.
  11. It doesn't work on optical I had to disable it. I had to set everything to HDMI only to stop the gabled audio. I was previously set on auto and USB audio and using both only turning on the reciever when needed and HDMI for everyday tv non surround.
  12. It's an older DTS using TOS link optical cable. No HDMI on it at all.
  13. I am running 5.1.1 build = MyGicaS905V1.20. Did not change cable but was able to get it to stop so far by using: Digital sounds = auto detect off, PCM selected. (Was auto on and spdif, as I wanted to use optical out) Sound output devices = hdmi_ouput (was on usbaudio_output) Without the optical I can't get sound to my receiver at the moment but the garbled/double audio has stopped.
  14. 1900 Pro Garbled Audio Mygica Support, Is there any ETA for the software update. My 1900 pro is getting worse. I have to reboot almost once an hour now to restore the audio. It affects all applications including Android sounds. My box is connected via hdmi to my TV in case you were wondering. This unit is just over a year old, and right now I can say I would not recommend this brand to anyone.
  15. No solution yet, chipset issue still being worked on.
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