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  1. 1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    Yes also garbled on HDMI output. But reboot box and it would stop for awhile might be days, or hours until it started again. Only the combination of setting I mentioned earlier has stopped it from happening in over a month now.
  2. 1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    It doesn't work on optical I had to disable it. I had to set everything to HDMI only to stop the gabled audio. I was previously set on auto and USB audio and using both only turning on the reciever when needed and HDMI for everyday tv non surround.
  3. 1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    It's an older DTS using TOS link optical cable. No HDMI on it at all.
  4. 1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    I am running 5.1.1 build = MyGicaS905V1.20. Did not change cable but was able to get it to stop so far by using: Digital sounds = auto detect off, PCM selected. (Was auto on and spdif, as I wanted to use optical out) Sound output devices = hdmi_ouput (was on usbaudio_output) Without the optical I can't get sound to my receiver at the moment but the garbled/double audio has stopped.
  5. 1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    1900 Pro Garbled Audio Mygica Support, Is there any ETA for the software update. My 1900 pro is getting worse. I have to reboot almost once an hour now to restore the audio. It affects all applications including Android sounds. My box is connected via hdmi to my TV in case you were wondering. This unit is just over a year old, and right now I can say I would not recommend this brand to anyone.
  6. 1900pro sound issue

    No solution yet, chipset issue still being worked on.
  7. Sounds stops working or is messed uo

    I have the same issue but its the whole box that is affected. Kodi and Netflix both have garbled audio randomly. Once it starts the only way to fix it is to reboot the box. Sometimes video streaming also stutters and will go back to normal after reboot.
  8. Just Curious

    1900pro and 495 use same firmware. They didnt make a new label for 1900pro
  9. 1900PRO problems

    I was able to fix item 5 with the latest firmware found in these forums. Adding and formatting a HDD in the unit acts just like a sdcard storage. I have a collection of movies on a 500Gb in mine. Item 6 is explained by Justin elsewhere, the 495/905/1900pro use the same chipset and they didn't make copies for each box. My 1900pro current says its a 905. As for item 3 that it doesn't apply and just wasn't removed from stock Android build.
  10. 'Weather' icon in MyGica Launcher 2.2.8 ??

    I have the same issue just finally getting around to doing something about it. Any ideas as far as I know my software is the most current for the 1900pro
  11. 1900 PRO JAN 30 2017

    I followed both types of upgrade and keep getting the same screen as Silvervan1986. When I select EXT , sdcard, the next screen where I am supposed to choose the upgrade file has no file listed. only the option ../ to go back. From the Upgrade app I select Local and then the .img file and yes to reboot. I see the android for 2-3 seconds then it drops to the same screen as above with error: Opening update package --Secure Check...: Secure check failed. Installation aborted. OTA Failed! Please power off the device to keep it in this state and file a bug report! Formatting /cache... Please advise what to do next? I'm hoping this update will stop Netflix from video freezing. This is the only device having the problem in my home. Chris.