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T230C can't scan DVB-C channels

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T230C can't scan DVB-C channels

Hi All,


I have purchased  Mygica USB DVB   dongle ,   the information on the website   indicated that it support digital TV & HD signal  !

I have tried  every possible  operating system or driver  that is available the device  is seen as Digital TV (DVB-T)  !!!

however my old Atrometa is seen as Digital TV (DVB-C)   

I have tried to call  support  no response !  the mail is bounced  the email-address  !!!

I  have sent mail sales  got feedback  that it should work !!!

anyone can help  ??!

I’m  stuck  with product that  i can send back  !

or should I just dump it  in garbage 




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Sorry for the inconvenience.

Which receive device are you using? Windows or iMac?

 What is the version of your OS?

T230C supports Windows xp/vista/7/8/10 OS

Please check if the region and digital tv standards is set up correctly.

If problem can not be solved, please send us the screenshot by email. Email address: angela.xu@geniatech.com

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as mentioned above  this device is compatibe with  cable signal  !!  

I can now  throw away the five device that we had  purchased .


goog luck everyone 



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