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  1. Is your operating system Windows or Linux?
  2. Thanks for your information. We are fixing it. We will keep you informed.
  3. We are confirming. Could you please send us by email to easily follow up this issue? email address: support@mygica.com
  4. @Blast@arturojgt@mrrbaires Have you guys tried the apk. I sent? Is there any updates? I need to know the results.
  5. Sorry,Lim , for now we can help little for your case if our new apk can not solve your problem.
  6. The driver programmer says it is capable of tuning DVB-C channels under Windows. May we do remote control for you? Please write to me-angela.xu@geniatech.com
  7. Have you tried the software HiDTV? https://mega.nz/#!HzYATKKD!rKRJ9OIsU4GW7qDHXCQVgD1CduPuPYnpAy5M_kB5W1c
  8. Hi Lim, it is probably your phone does not support the hardware decorder. Could you please test it on another device?
  9. Could you please send the photos with both sides of your product?
  10. It is my fault, please ignore the last step"research your local DVB-T2", but the process before this step is absolutely right. Anyway, we test it can scan DVB-C channels with this driver although it displays "Device type: DVB-T"in the sector of "Options". BTW, where are you residing?
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