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Good morning

Hoping that someone can tell me what is going on with my MYGica ATV495Max  this morning.  I have had the unit for about 8 months and it is great.  However this morning I cannot access Showmax at all.

It will not open, when I click on the Showmax button on the Applications screen the tv goes white and then reverts back to the Applications screen.  I have gone into setting and cleared the cache and checked for updates.  No luck in getting it to work.
Tried various ways to access Showmax I can get it to show the programs that are available if I try and get into it using Chrome,  When I try and watch something I get a popup that says the browser is not supported.
Please tell me what I'm doing wrong...

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Please check on their forums. Sometimes app developers release updates that cause problems since its hard to make things work on all systems. 

Maybe someone else can chime in who has a solution. I’m certainly not pushing you away and pass the buck. I’m just trying to give any direction I can. When these things happen, it’s usuakky not related to the device. 

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