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Atv495x not switching on(blue light)

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Atv495x not switching on(blue light)


1st of all i would like to say that if i knew this thing would be so slow that my first 256k pc back in '95 was faster by a mile!!

2nd. Then to my biggest frustration... it will not power on!? Only the red light comes on. The remote has new batteries and wont power on the box? 

Im an engineer so dont come with stupid awnsers like is the wall plug swiched on etc...It just started doing this??

Why is dstv now not supported?? Thats why bought it in the first place

Please advise? Bare in mind ive got it less than 6 frustrated months.

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Hi Duran,

im sorry this is happening, 

it seems it may have a hardware issue. If you bought this in the last year, than you still have a warranty. Please reach out to your local retailer for an exchange or for it to be fixed. 

I see you mention dstv, I guess that means you aren’t in North America? 

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