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    Here is Beta Firmware to upgrade your ATV 585/600 to Android 5.1 You can install this normally using an SD Card or USB drive and the pre-installed upgrade app. This does not require the reset button like before, however, if you would like to you can load this through the Recovery Menu as well. Just extract the IMG file from the zip folder and move it to a USB drive or SD Card that is formatted to FAT32. **PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR DEVICE** - This is our MyGica version of Android 5.1 and not Android Stock version like we offered before. This has been worked on for awhile now. Change Logs: 1. Updated to KODI 17.3 2. Updated Google Play Services 3. Faster Performance 4. Fixed Mac Address changing 5. Turned off click sounds when browsing through the Home Screen + Android Settings 6. Fixed Screensaver issue when watching a video 7. Improved video playback 8. Improved standby issues as best we could. There is not much more we can do about this issue.
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