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  1. it is not sad, it is security, which alot of people love to steal and create a bug out of it or worse. so bad people made the manufacture lock up the process.
  2. There are no more development on the OS from the manufacture.
  3. we do not have the file for burning tool the manufacture never released the aml file for any of our OS. if the file you see do not work, maybe you need to warranty the product. with respect to warranty period.
  4. Fix Chromecast problem, Fix freezing box To fix your MyGica ATV495 MAX from freezing try these steps. Processing this using the regular Remote. 1. From Main screen Scroll down 2. Scroll and select Google Play Store. 3. Once Google Play store Opens Scroll up. 4. Scroll to the right and Select My apps. 5. Scroll to Chromecast app and Select. 6. Click on Uninstall (( Don't worry it will not delete / rather it disables it )) 7. Select OK to Uninstall 8. Press back and back 9. When you are back in Google Play store On top Scroll to Settings. 10. Scroll Down and Select Auto-update apps 11. Scroll up and Select Don't auto-update apps 12. Then Press home And you are done, and no more freezing.
  5. Soft Factory Data Reset To process this you have know that all data inside of your box will be wipped and deleted. (( no way you can revive it once this reset has been processed )) 1. From Main screen using your Remote scroll down 2. Scroll down and Select Settings. 3. Once you are in Settings. 4. Scroll down and Select Storage & reset 5. Select Factory data reset 6. Click on OK Let the reset go through it will take up to 7 Minutes. Enjoy
  6. Hard Factory Data Reset In this tutorial, we are showing you how to hard reset, when your box is stuck on MyGica logo, or Android Logo. while processing this you need to hookup a Computer keyboard to process this or you can not process the hard reset. 1. make sure your TV is On and HDMI is connected to your BOX, 2. Hold the Reset button at the bottom of box 3. while holding the reset hook up the power cord 4. hold the Reset for 15 seconds till you see recovery screen 5. using your keyboard scroll down to Data/Factory Reset 6. Once the factory rest is done, it will boot back to Recovery screen and select reboot. 7. now it will take around 5 minutes for you to see main screen and it will be asking you to pair your BT remote. Enjoy
  7. this is not an issue, since Google TVOS is designed to be controlled by the Bluetooth remote.
  8. to fix your remote issue with MyGica ATV495 MAX.
  9. you need to update your apps, try to updated via Google Playstore.
  10. we do not have access to the burning file since that was not official release Geniatech never released the file, i am not sure why @delacosta78 calls this forum a waste of time. he is on it and he is an advanced member.
  11. bindaredondat


    using a file manager or Xplore App you can go to Root // Download should show up in there.
  12. do a factory reset after you did your updates, it could be that less space on the box. or requires a factory reset. then test it again and write how much faster it got.
  13. there is none, factory reset the box and try to set it up again.
  14. create an RMA Request Ticket, with respect to warranty period, for your box to be serviced. http://help.mygica.tv
  15. There is no solution, we can not tamper with the apps, that is against the law. So just like Netflix we need to wait for them to create an App that is compatible with Android Boxes.
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