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  1. I originally sideloaded Crave, it automatically upgraded to the new Android TV version shows up on the main screen and works fine. I also found apps to get the Hotspot working and one to fix the orientation. I am using an air mouse/keyboard for the sideloaded apps. SiriusXM works too. So everything I want is now working. I can relax and enjoy.
  2. It was a bit of a long road but now that I have it working for my specific needs I like it. It is a powerful little guy.
  3. I got it to sideload Cravetv. It displays sideways on my T.V. how can I fix it?
  4. The title means Android 7.1 OS not Android TV OS. Please refer to the previous postings on December 20, 2018 and the one by Sonia on December 19. Sorry if I'm grumpy.
  5. The root of this problem is this (cut and pasted from the CC website): "MyGica ATV495Max Android 7.1 OS TV Box" Not correct.
  6. I used the above link to get Night Owl (surveillance), Firefox and Cravetv. I got access denied on Crave, Got the other two APKs. Night Owl installed but comes up sideways and only shows blank screens. I have had this problem before on a Phone, the next release of Nightowl fixed it in that case. But for now it is not functional. Firefox installed and works OK. Neither one are available from the main menu, I have been starting from within ES file explorer or voice command. Also the Chromecast seems unstable. I can connect but only using the code and I must do this every. I'm not sure if that's normal, I have only used Miracast is the past.
  7. What is the best way to get the APK files? I have installed ES File Explorer.
  8. Ok, I get it. I got duped. This thing is not Android 7.1 like I thought, it is Android "TV" 7.1...or whatever. I am not a newbie as suggested on your site, this is my 3rd MyGica device and maybe my last. Hopefully I can take it back. If not its a $135 learning experience. I am still open to any ideas on how to make it into a "normal" Android box. But I have to take it back soon or never.
  9. I have been using the ATV380 as a workhorse at a summer cottage. I use it for all things internet including surfing and hotspot and have been very happy with it. But now the Andriod version is too old. Can I upgrade or perhaps downgrade this one to be more like the 380 or maybe like a 495PRO so I know how to use it? Maybe once I figure out what sideloading is I will be happy with it.
  10. ATV495Max Android? I bought this box to replace my tried old ATV380, but I can see that this one is not the same at all. I am running Bell Fibe, Crave, Sirius Radio, Firefox etc on the old 380. If I want to replace the old ATV380 and run the apps that I am used to, can I do it with the ATV495Max? Or do I need to take it back?
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