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  1. Hi Delacosta, thank you for the reply and feedback, will just have to wait and see what happens, in the meantime i just got a Mi Box s and all is working straight out the box so far with no issues, will hang on to the 495 max boxes and see what happens in the future.
  2. Okay well that what you replied doesn't really answer point 1 as i knew that already but thanks for actually replying, so i will trash 495max boxes and go for the Ematic or the Xiaomi Mi Box as it looks like the 495max wont get Netflix certification. Pitty as they were good boxes when the beta netflix image did work but as of now they pretty useless to me.
  3. 495Max netflix certification and Android 9 Update 1- I would just like to get an update and ask will the 495Max ever receive Netflix certification as there are other boxes coming into the market that are Netflix and Google certified on launch e.g. Ematic and the SmartVU SV10, i just dont understand that the 495Max meets all hardware requirements and its not Netflix certified, on top of that the netflix beta firmware that is suppose to be a fix makes netflix unusable now and is just giving errors upon tyring to stream a movie. 2- Android TV OS9 has been in beta testing for a while now and it was suppose to come out this year, this 2019 has 2 months left and we still have not seen any progress or update on this and when these boxes will receive the update or even if it will ever get the update. I am trying to keep my hopes up on this box as i have three of them in my house but as time goes by i am loosing faith and might be forced to switch to an alternative brand that has both certifications for google and netflix and has the latest Android TV OS on them. I have been keeping up with the forums on almost a daily basis but no new responses have been made and it is sort of like this box has died out fast.
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