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  1. For that I used this tutorial to force install IT9910 as a video scource https://windowsreport.com/the-best-driver-software-is-already-installed-windows-10/
  2. Hey! It's not perfect I just say beforehand. If you're going for prices you might got to the cheapest ok one. When I stream videogames I get almost 3 second delay between my pc and the game itself. I don't know for apple but the drivers from the mega link up there helped me stream stuff using my board
  3. With this driver I managed to get video and audio working Thank you for the support
  4. HD CAP X-II Not streaming! Hi, I bought some a HD CAP X-II some months ago and on the manual it says it's able to stream using Streamlabs or the Regular OBS. Firstly I plug the AC regularly then I plug the Microusb into my PC. It says the "HD PVR ROCKET" Driver is not avaiable and the OBS cannot find the capture bord. I tried e-mailing mygika team but after 3 months without answer I tought of posting some info here on this forum. Also searched for drivers online but I dind't have any sucess (even in mygica's page) Any help or should I try to sell it online?
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