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  1. OK, I bought the Logitech C310 and plugged it into my 329X box. When I start a Skype call the light on the webcam goes on and a picture of me appears on the screen for about 3 seconds and then the light goes out and the picture changes to green. When I start the camera app (one of the default installed apps) I do not see anything and then when I select video I get a notification that something went wrong message. Now the strange thing is that I have just replaced my 329X box due to a remote malfunction. The Skype worked fine on my previous faulty box, although the camera app gave the same result. Is there any way to update the USB OTG drivers of my android box or any settings that I can tweak to get the webcam to work?
  2. OK, received my new 329X and the remote works perfectly. Must have been bad hardware on my previous one. The only problem now is that my Webcam that worked fine on the previous one is crashing constantly on my new one!
  3. The problem was there from day one. I'm swapping it out with another one today. Will let you know how it goes after the weekend.
  4. Hi, No, I'm an electronics engineer, so I did not try to use it with something solid in front of it I also turned off all devices that have some sort of over the air signal (like wifi router, mobile etc) as I also suspected this in the beginning but this made no difference. It seems to get worse the more the 329X is busy with tasks like filling up the suggestion list in Google search.
  5. My Kr 41 remote works intermittently When I hold the remote very close to my 329X box it seems to work fine. But when I move just 1.5meters away (5 ft) it does not function properly. I will have to punch the keys numerous times before I get a response. Does anybody have the same problem? So far this MyGica box has been very disappointing because of the weak remote's response.
  6. Hi Justin, I'm hoping your co-worker is back from holiday. Any luck on providing me with the list of Logitech cameras that will work on the 329X? Thanks
  7. Webcam support for Skyping on ATV329X Hi, Has anybody tried using Skype on the ATV329X using a webcam. I want to buy a nice (not to expensive) HD webcam but I get conflicting information on which ones will work. Can anybody recommend some for me? Also, do you think the ATV329X will work well for skyping or should I rather buy the ATV495 Max? Thanks
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