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  1. Hi this has happened in many different apps, youtube, netflix and VLC player, I would say the device is warm not really hot. What is the standard warranty on a device like this? I am in the process of returning this product to the seller(takealot.com) who will probably send it to the supplier syntech in south africa.
  2. Did this work for you? Just wondering because I am in the process of returning my atv1960 which also freezes very often.
  3. Below is the current version it is on... would the update you suggest fix the problems with THIS version?
  4. StephVan

    1960 root

    @Milan - Syntech please advise on a solution.
  5. Dear Milan from Syntech south africa. I have decided to return this product to takealot, I suppose they will eventually send it back to syntech for assessment of the problems mentioned below. If Syntech decides to update the firmware on my device, will the update solve the frequent freezing problems associated with the atv1960? Sorry for the bold font, I copied and pasted from the email and cant see "remove formatting" option on web form. Here is my main complaint communicated to takealot for your ATV1960 device. I have logged a return for this product, to be dropped of at a takealot collection point, however I did not give enough details of the problem, I mentioned that the dstv now app does not work, but more importantly which I did not mention in the return form, is the fact that the device freezes up at least twice a day which means we have to manually unplug it and plug it in again for it to reset. This has been happening on and off but even moreso the last couple of months.' " Please update your comments section to show the above additional information which is important in the assessment. Also communicate to the supplier Syntech to state that we have done the following to troubleshoot their device, to no avail. - Factory reset - Reinstalling apps - Using a different usb port for remote kr303 - Using a regular usb mouse instead. Please contact me if you need more info. Thank you Delivered 23 July 2018 Mygica ATV1960 Octa Core Android TV Box Qty: 1 R 2,299
  6. StephVan

    1960 root

    looks like 7.1.2
  7. StephVan

    1960 root

    Same problem on the dstv now app(older version), it shows Unsupported device : you are using a rooted smartphone or tablet. Please use another device to view this video. If you click on ˜Show More'' Device Rooted! /system/xbin/su found Come on myGica support lend us a hand here. How can we fix this.
  8. MyGica ATV1960 and DSTV now Is there anyway I can install a working version of the DSTV Now app on the ATV1960?
  9. MyGica ATV1960 Purchased a mygica atv1960 a month ago from takealot. Let me get to the point. Nice device and all, however there are a few issues Firstly sometimes when we switch the tv(samsung) off (not the tvbox) and switch it on the next day, the screen is black with a HDMI message indicating its not receiving a signal from the box. To fix this, i need to manually pull the cable from the box and plug it back in for it to reboot and start again. Its a hassle, at that pricetag it should work right? Next issue, at times, (sometimes twice a day) the box just hangs/stalls, which also requires pulling the cable and replug to reboot. So my questions to Mygica support, 1. Can it be fixed, and how do we do this?. 2. If the issues can't be fixed,would you please refund or exchange.(for something that works) I paid quite a lot for this tv box and I expect it to work without any issues. Kindly please advise me on how to go about this. Your Client
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