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    No worries! It is a bit of a geography specific question. LOL! I'm going to try connecting the device directly to my TV using the AV cable and hopefully that'll work . Thanks for getting back to me.
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    I didn't realise this is an international forum, so my first post may seem a bit cryptic! I live in South Africa and DStv is our local satellite TV provider. The DStv Explorer is the service provider's proprietal decoder. If anyone is familiar with this technology, I'd appreciate any help you're able to offer. Thanks!
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    P.S. My Explorer is connected to the internet using a DStv internet connector and I'm able to view Showmax that way, but not Netflix.
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    Set-Up Hi there, I've recently purchased a MyGica ATV495+ set-top box in order to be able to view Netflix on an old TV (i.e. not a smart TV). The set-up instructions indicate that I should connect the device to the TV using the HDMI cable, but there's no HDMI port on the TV. I've connect the device to my DStv Explorer instead, which I had hoped would work, but when I try to power up the device, nothing happens (the device's power cable is plugged in, so that isn't the problem). This may be because the device isn't connecting to my home wi-fi, but there are no instructions about how to set up a connection. I can probably connect the device to the TV using the AV cable, but that means unplugging the Explorer every time I need to use it. Is there any way I can use the Explorer and MyGica together? I'm a complete novice at this, so would appreciate any guidance on how to get up and running. Thanks!
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