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  1. I am getting very confused. Just a simple oke who wants to watch Android TV. All this stuff is getting too high tech. My Gica 495 Max played up almost immediate;y when it was connected. Keep on buffering on some sites etc. It is still under a 10 day return guarantee. Spoke to the supplier yesterday and he says I am welcome to return it Anyways many thanks to the members on this forum who assisted me and tried to help. Kind regards from South Africa
  2. Thanks I will use this advise. Hope fully i will have better on screen quality
  3. Hi joels thanks for the response. Can you please explain the sideload process and how to, if possible, maybe a link that will explain in laymen s terms what to do. Very new to this. Thanks for the tip on Total commander . I would also want to know about updating the ATV495Max . It says I must connect to a computer and back up it there. Do i use a usb cable or the HDMI cable? is there any tips on updating please. Many thanks.
  4. Is the Forum still active? Chrome not compatible? I am a newbie to Droid boxes and its workings. Salesman that sold me the ATV495Max had me believe that it works like a Android on your TV. How ever trying to install or even finding Chrome is impossible. See attached image why. Is there a step by step guide how to overcome this please. it seems very limited. i for instance can not find any way from going incognito Puffin browser is not linked to my Google account .
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