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  1. Bumping the Thread. Is there any news regarding this issue? Any Firmware Update or Workarround already? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the reply and I will wait for the Fix, really appreciated.
  3. MyGica HD Cap X - PAL-N B&W instead of Colour Greetings. I'm having trouble capturing PAL-N Signal with the HD Cap X. Seems it doesn't recognize PAL-N and instead it treats the Signal as PAL-B. Because of this, I get Black & White recording with some colored lines. Is there any way this HW can decode the signal properly without any additional HW? As for example, with my older poor quality generic USB RCA Capturer which I got for 1 USD I can set and capture PAL-N as many other signals. So why with this 80 USD Capturer I have to run with this issues? I already sent an email to the Mygica Support and also wrote in another post regarding my issue. It's been about 10 days and I got notr a single answer. It would be nice to get a reply. Thanks in advance. OP:
  4. Hello @zxl and folks. Sorry for bumping up such an Old Thread. Also, forgive my poor English by I hope we can understand each other. I read out this Post and im having an issue with PAL-N Signal via CBVS Input as the OP. So, im from Argentina as @arturojgt & @mrrbaires. Im trying to Capture some VHS on PAL-N Signal using the MyGica HD Cap X. As out of the box, i plugged the VCR to the CBVS input, a USB Flash Drive, powered up the Hardware and Captured some video. It recognized the CBVS input, recorded, but it is on Black & White with some sort of Blue/Red/Green lines. Audio its Ok. I got to this Post and Upgraded the Firmware with the one you provided. Got same results, it records on Black & White with the Color Lines. Is there anyway to fix this or i need to use a Transcoder? Also, if i try to passthrough via HDMI out i cant get any signal, but thats not the purpose of this HW i suppose and has to do with the PAL-N issue. Hope you can help me, and also, is there any NEWER Firmware than the one you provided here? Thanks in advance. -PS: I attach two records so you people can see what its like Encode_69_prefirmware_update.mp4 Encode_72_postfirmware_update.mp4
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