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  1. jdido87

    Android TV 9

    any idea when we can expect this?
  2. I get a error trying to rollback to the original firmware following the same process advanced when installing the beta version with Netflix. Any ideas how I can go back to the original firmware?
  3. I there anyway that I can remove the work around for Netflix on your website.
  4. When is Pie coming or how can I revert back to the original firmware to at least get Netflix working in SD. I don't think the USB burning tool works
  5. Should I go load the original firmware can I still sideload Netflix, I dont mind it playing in SD on this device. Currently I am getting a tvq-pm-100 (5.2.5) error when I try streaming. Alternative is there a method to fix this.
  6. That is fantastic news. Any idea on an ETA?
  7. jdido87

    Android TV 9

    Android TV 9 Will the ATV 495 Max ever receive Pie or even Oreo in the near future? Regards
  8. Good day Any update on this? Kind regards
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