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  1. Just so that I understand: Do Linux Drivers exist for this device or not? The message above is not encouraging and the support area of the company website has nothing about Linux support other than a claim for support. Linux requires work to use but a list of the components (the modules needed to load into the system) or a link to the driver tarball, rpm files or a list of required steps needed to get this to work would allow those using these devices to feel better about buying them for their systems. While these are not expensive, spending twice as much as this could be warranted for devices that are well known to be supported. Assuming these actually work, you might want to share this information with the maintainer of the page at: https://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/ATSC_USB_devices That's where most of us go for information regarding Linux TV devices. We Linux users are used to doing a bit of effort to get these things to work but not in a vacuum.
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