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    WiFi Issue

    Is the Mygica ATV495 pro has a pin reset? Were is it? Is mentioned here: "How to process the steps: 1. Download the zip file 2. Unzip 3. Format your MicroSD Card to FAT32 4. Drag and drop files from Unzip folder to root of your MicroSD card 5. Hook it up to your ATV495Pro HDR 6. Connect HDMI, turn TV on 7. Hold pin where Reset is 8. Hookup power while holding down Reset, via pin 9. Hold for 15 seconds 10. Select (( Apply update from EXT )) 11. Update from sdcard if you have files on sd card or Udisk if you have it inside of USB". This is from MyGica_ATV495hdr_WV_6.0_20171114 2.0 update instructions.
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