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  1. Firmware Assistance needed So to cut a very long story short shomax started with a message stating it requires wide vine in order to play. I read up that the new update 7.1 brings back support for showax. in my haist i downloaded the firmware form mygicas download page and proceeded to load on to SD drive. Plugged it in the media box and turned on and held the power button as instructed. Lights began to blink back and forth from red to blue all looks good so far, the we had an unexpected power outage during update. Now the box just has a red light. nothing starts up. iv tried to use USB burning tool to write the firmware onto the box but every time i load firmware to the burning tool it gives me A ' Parse Burning image fail ' , when unticking the check img tab then importing the firmware i get a ' Create workflow xml file failed ' . im at a loss as my box is now useless. is there any tech gurus that can assist with the correct firmware or the correct steps.
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