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  1. MyGica HD Cap X-II Hello, two questions: Can someone post the most recent firmware of the HD Cap X-II? Can someone post a time/date-set file? I believe: a txt-file for booting the HD Cap X-II. Maybe zxl can help: https://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/profile/6413-zxl/
  2. HD CAP X-II Poll I'm interested in experiences of others with the HD CAP X-II Video Capture device. Please give your opinion anonymously. Thanks!
  3. HD Cap X-II problems The MyGica HD Cap X-II I bought: stops and produces corrupted mp4-files. It seems not able to choose between 720p and 1040p. Red and Blue leds flashing constantly. The date of saved files is 2027. Why are the MEGA-links dead? Why can't we download the firmware somewhere else? How can I solve this problems? Do you have new firmware available? Thanks, Don
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Windows driver for HD CAP XII Not working the right way, but keep trying.
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