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  1. Following up here if anyone is curious. I was able to get batocera running. I flashed using the latest version from their site and set the device tree to meson-gxbb-vega-s95-telos.dtb
  2. I was able to get libreElec-Lakka booting on this hardware. I downloaded the Generic Amlogic build from https://lakka.tv/get/linux/amlogic/ After burning it to an SD card, rename the emmc_autoscript to factory_update_param.ubt edit uEnv.ini and set the first line to dtb_name=/dtb/meson-gxbb-wetek-play2.dtb This gets the box booted but the device tree is not correct. Does anyone have the correct device tree file for Lakka on this hardware? I tried using the one provided in the 7.1 firmware update but it won't boot. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. How to boot LibreElec on 7.1 firmware I found one of these android boxes in a second hand store. It had Android 5.1 installed on it which was not very useful given its age. I went ahead and installed the 7.1 update and had not issues. Android 7.1 is also quite old so I would like to install or boot to LibreElec now. When I try through the Settings UI I get a server error. I have also tried downloading the latest version from their site and used balena etcher to write it to an SD card but I am not having any luck with that, because it just boots to a black screen. Is there a guide or does anyone have advice on how to boot to LibreElec on these devices? Thanks,
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