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  1. Então o II eu não tenho, só tenho o HD CAP X I (one), como falei por mensagem, vou colocar aqui a ultima firmware do HD CAP X I (one) para download, para as pessoas: HD CAPX Firmware- Jan-28-16.zip
  2. MY DRIVER - DATE: 2016-01-28 HD CAPX 1 WORK 2020 LINK ONEDRIVE: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgD4TU4ftS735DmQxk3XRns7h67d?e=zd44Qg UPGRADE INSTRUCTIONS: 1-The jedi.img files are copied to the root directory of U disk 2-The U disk is inserted into the USB interface of HDCapX 3-Re plug the power, the system will automatically find the upgrade file to update the firmware 4-During the upgrade process, Rec LED will flash 3-5 seconds, after the upgrade is complete, the system will automatically restart 5- The system firmware upgrade is complete U disk jedi.img will automatically delete. HD CAPX Firmware- Jan-28-16.zip
  3. Latest Firmware 2020 - MyGica HD Cap X I (ONE) Please, which is the last one? I'm recently using this: " HD CAPX Firmware- Jan-28-16 " Is it the latest update MyGica HD Cap X I (no two, no two, ONE)? Please send me the last one!! Wait... Thanks!
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