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Found 5 results

  1. Atv495max Android 9 Netflix Hi, managed to install Android 9 on my ATV495MAX, working perfectly. Any update or news on how to install Netflix for android tv 9. Will appreciate any help. Kind Regards CJ
  2. Can scroll in netflix app even after all the updates when i use netflix app if the show has multiple episodes that cant fit on the screen i cant scroll down to see anything else. i can on the main screen or in kodi but for some reason in netflix if something doesnt display entirely on one screen i cant access anything below that. any ideas?? Thanks
  3. 1960 update Netflix not working Since the update on my ATV 1960 box, Netflix does not load any videos. Netflix opens on my account but when selecting a video message appears saying there is a problem displaying the video (1.2) The error code might be 1.2?? I have powered the device down and rebooted . YouTube works ... not netflix. Cleared the cache on the Netflix app but to no avail. Can anyone help please?
  4. Netflix scrolling issues Despite reading through all the threads, I still cant figure out how to fix my scrolling issues with Netflix. I cannot scroll down the main menu, or through episode lists. Generally the standard mygica remote is terrible. I tried using a wireless mouse - cant get that to work either. The keyboard is fine, but not the mouse. Please help. I have a Mygica 495 Pro
  5. ATV495Pro —Switching from TV to Netflix Finished watch tv and now want to watch Netflix, try to load app and constantly get error messages, “Can not load” “Problem with playback” and no matter how many times I exit and go back in, the messages will continue until I shut the box down. Netflix is working fine on my laptop, phone, and through my blueray player so why does it not work on this box! Same if I try to go back to tv... won’t load... have to shut down box and restart. Anyone have any clue why this box is more trouble than it’s worth? *playback is on the auto/low setting *tv app is STB EMU Pro *everything works fine on my other tv which has a cheaper android box
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