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Haru Haruko

Mygica ATV1800 - Amlogic S802 Quadcore CPU, Octa Core GPU

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Mygica ATV1800 - Amlogic S802 Quadcore CPU, Octa Core GPU

It must be said that the name ATV1800 has been familiar for too long in 2013, users must have been looking forward to ATV1800 a lot, but until the middle of this year, it still could not reach everyone. With the long-term strategic cooperation of ITVPLUS with MyGica in many exclusive and OEM projects up to now, ITVPLUS is the first reputable representative to have ATV1800 on hand for testing in Vietnam market. We have to wait until the end of this June to have the official version on hand, with many changes compared to the original design that surprised even distributors and users.

A few pictures ATV1800 - official commercial version.


- With high configuration S802 quad-core chip, 2g ram, 16g memory, fast and smooth multitasking is felt quite clearly.
- Online play features: watching movies, watching TV, karaoke, music... all well supported, compatible software, fast processing speed, smooth viewing, no jerky.
- Play offline: with high quality movies, ATV1800 handles well, 1920x1080p standard images with full HD movies, beautiful photos, miner, darker colors, not to mention 4K movies, must say is much more beautiful than the rockchip generations, talking about the image, it is true that Amlogic chip eats away compared to rockchip, this even on ATV1200, ATV3200 also see.
- ATV1800 is very strong on XBMC both online / offline, watching movies / watching tv, listening to music... output DTS and Dolby sound delicious. Watch online on HDrepo without full cache error.
- Like X8-H or S82B, the ATV1800 also cannot play 3D, which is too simple on the junior versions ATV1200, ATV3200
- DTS audio and Dolby passthrough via optical, using XBMC. 

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