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  1. Boat Anchor

    There are other programs that you can install on there besides the Kodi or Mygica Media Center App, Try out Show Box, Terrarium TV, and Mega Box HD just a few other apps that work fine on older boxes with android 4.4 as well as android 4.2. No one knew that Kodi was going to change the minimum firmware required to run their app.
  2. MyGica_ATV585_600_5.1_20170612

    all else fails go back to android 4.4 and use mygica media center to replace kodi in some cases you have to manually update repos but still works like a charm
  3. MyGica_ATV585_600_5.1_20170612

    I found if you do a fresh factory reinstall ( factory firmware, pinhole, ect) then do the upgrade the 5.1 fw will work fine. does run slower but it is a better than buy a new box in some cases.